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Cookiecott 2014

Hissyfit 2014 might be a more accurate description.

A coalition of anti-abortion groups is trying to crumble Girl Scout cookie sales because of a Twitter post of an online news article that recognized several accomplished women, including gubernatorial hopeful Wendy Davis, who rose to national attention with a filibuster against anti-abortion legislation in the state Senate.

The coalition of groups, spearheaded by Pro Life Waco, has organized a boycott of Girl Scout cookies because its members say the organization has publicly supported the Fort Worth Democrat, and other “feminists” who defend abortion rights.

But the Twitter post since has been deleted and the national Girl Scout organization issued an apology last week, saying “our sharing of the article was not meant to signal an endorsement of any of the women featured.”

“It’s unfortunate that we have special interest groups who are using the Girl Scouts to promote their agenda. Particularly since today begins the National Girl Scout Cookie Weekend kickoff,” said Stephanie Finleon, Girl Scouts of Southwest Texas chief development and communications officer.

A spokeswoman for the Davis campaign declined to comment on the boycott but said Davis was a Girl Scout Brownie when she was a child and served as a Brownie troop leader for her daughter’s troop in Fort Worth.

John Pisciotta with Pro Life Waco, the boycott’s organizer, said of the effort: “It’s substantially an education campaign for parents.”

The group is airing radio ads on five stations in Central Texas to push “CookieCott 2014.”

I’d say it’s more of a grab for attention by someone who is easily offended. He’s done this before, the last time the Girl Scouts did something he didn’t approve of. It’s a free country, and if these folks think this is a good use of their time, then who am I to argue? I figure it’ll be about as effective as the Boy Scout boycott, with the additional chance that some deep thinker like Erick Erickson will make one of his usual incredibly offensive remarks and remind us all why Wendy Davis became such an inspirational figure to so many people in the first place. In the meantime, I just know that when a Girl Scout comes knocking on my door, as one generally does around this time of the year, I’ll place my usual order and not give the matter another thought. The LA Times has more.

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