Endorsement watch: Wendy Time

The Chron makes the obvious call in the Democratic primary for Governor.

Sen. Wendy Davis

Sen. Wendy Davis

The Democratic candidate for governor is, in essence, an accidental candidate. Disconsolate Texas Democrats, wandering on the wrong side of the River Jordan for more than half of the biblical 40 years, were eagerly anticipating their date with demographic destiny a few years down the road, in 2018 perhaps. That’s when they expected a dynamic Hispanic mayor from San Antonio, buoyed by majority Hispanic votes across the state, would lead them at long last into the land of political milk and honey. But along came Wendy Davis. The Fort Worth state senator’s 13-hour filibuster of anti-abortion legislation last summer electrified the party faithful. With support and encouragement pouring in from across Texas and around the nation, she must have felt that destiny was calling and she had no choice but to respond.

We’re glad she did. We believe that her candidacy – a long shot, to be sure – is not only good for the Democratic Party but also good for the state as a whole. A party that has held near absolute power as long as the Republicans have needs to be challenged – and not only because of the Lord Acton dictum about the dangers of absolute power. Voters need a viable choice. They need an opportunity to consider new ideas to governance.

Fortunately, Davis is a worthy adversary to her Republican counterpart, Attorney General Greg Abbott. She may not be as dynamic and engaging as the late Ann Richards, the last Democrat to capture the governor’s office, but she is knowledgeable about the issues, experienced at both the state and local level (11 years as a Fort Worth City Council member) and more than capable of articulating policy differences with her opponent.

Davis had previously received the endorsements of the Morning News, Statesman, Express News, Austin Chronicle, and others – I think this Star-Telegram editorial is an endorsement of Davis and Greg Abbott in their respective primaries, though it reads more like a preview of the race everyone expects to happen. Be that as it may, Abbott was similarly endorsed by all the major players, so no surprises on that score going into the main event. At this point, the only mystery is the final score of their races.

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