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Watching election results

I’m going to do my best to follow election results tonight, and will post updates as I can here. I’ve got family obligations this evening, and with polling locations opening late in some counties like Travis, I have no idea when we may start to see statewide results or when I may be able to write about them. I suspect I’ll just be up really late tonight and/or up even earlier tomorrow morning to post what I can about outcomes. Analysis and commentary will follow, likely starting on Thursday. Feel free to add what you know in the comments as we go. See you later.

UPDATE 6:20 PM: Via email from Stan Stanart, GOP results may be posted late due to precinct conventions, which will be held after polls close. Democrats are doing their precinct conventions later, so presumably their results will be posted on time.

UPDATE 7:20 PM: Very early results from the Secretary of State show David Alameel over 50% in the Senate primary. Kesha Rogers is second, with Maxey Scherr a not-too-distant third. Either Alameel finishing over 50% or Scherr passing Rogers would be nice. Nothing from Harris County yet. If Stan Stanart is gonna make us wait on Dem results till after the Republican precinct conventions are over, I’m gonna be upset.

UPDATE 7:33 PM: How is it that the Secretary of State has Harris County early vote totals, but the Harris County Clerk doesn’t? Curse you, Stan Stanart!

Oh, and who are these people voting for Jim Hogan in the Ag Commissioner race?

UPDATE 7:42 PM: Finally, Harris County Dem early voting totals. Whitmire, Alma Allen, and Carol Alvarado are all cruising. Kim Ogg has 71% (whew!), and Steven Kirkland is neck and neck with Lori Gray.

UPDATE 8:15 PM: El Paso early results are in. Rep. Mary Gonzalez has 68%, which is excellent. This is Maxey Scherr’s best result so far, but the main effect of it may be to push David Alameel below 50%. Still early, however, and I suspect Alameel will do better on Election Day thanks to the wave of anti-Kesha Rogers sentiment from the party plus Alameel’s mail efforts. I voted for Maxey and I hope she’ll run for something again, but right now keeping Rogers from climbing into a runoff is job one.

Rep. Marc Veasey in CD33 is cruising, but State Rep. Lon Burnam trails by 14 votes before any precinct results are in.

UPDATE 9:20 PM: I’m watching the Rockets game now as I follow the results. Because that’s how I multitask.

UPDATE 9:45 PM: Rockets win! But it’s not looking like a good night for the Texas Parent PAC. Incumbents Lance Gooden, Diane Patrick, and Bennett Ratliff are losing, though mostly by small amounts. Several challengers – Mike Novak, Andy Cargile, and Steve Massengale – lost badly, as did open seat contestants Bruce Tough and Ann Hodge. One challenger, Gary VanDeaver, is leading, and a couple of open seat contenders in multi-candidate races appear headed to runoffs. Overall, a lower batting average for them than what we’ve seen lately, and a potentially significant win for opponents of public education.

UPDATE 10:30 PM: Democratic Rep. Lon Burnam in HD90 has lost. I’m bummed.

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