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Weekend link dump for March 16

Spring break! For the kids, anyway.

Blair and Tootie, together again.

Wait, I thought drunk people placing ill-advised bets was Vegas’ entire business model?

We really are making huge advances in the fight against HIV.

Want to be a better boyfriend, or at least make your girlfriend think you’re a better boyfriend? There’s an app for that.

South Carolina takes official state-sanctioned homophobia to the next level.

“Most preschoolers and kindergarteners can do some algebra before even entering a math class.”

“For the umpteenth time, then: PowerPoint is a tool, nothing more and nothing less.”

Raising the minimum wage would save billions in SNAP costs.

“In fact, 30 states have banned same-sex marriage in their state constitutions, according to the Human Rights Campaign.”

“Sure, Democrats do plenty for the poor […] But virtually none of this really benefits the working or middle classes except at the margins.”

“But the overall picture is an electorate that is growing steadily more liberal on both social and economic policy, and whose views Republicans will eventually have to accommodate.”

That moment you realize your kid has the same twisted sense of humor you have.

Fix or repeal? Republicans can’t have both.

New frontiers in verbing nouns. Even I think that one is icky.

Millennials are environmentalists even if they tend not to use that label for themselves.

New manufacturing jobs in the US don’t look much like the ones we used to have.

Julia Ruth Stevens reminisces about her daddy, Babe Ruth.

The fault, dear Brutus, lies not in the stars but in ourselves.

“Guys: The key to a healthy, happy, nurtured child is a parenting style that’s balanced, fair, educated, intuitive, loving, and realistic. Suggesting that we ban everything that may hint at a correlation with a negative influence or potentially hazardous outcome would mean we would have to BAN EVERYTHING.”

Happy 25th birthday, World Wide Web!

“Bigotry derived from religious principles is still bigotry.”

“I don’t really understand how any editorial by Condoleezza Rice on conflict in Ukraine can fail to directly address the failures of the Iraq War.”

“I really hope that this opens peoples’ minds that what you are wearing has absolutely nothing to do with whether you are assaulted.” Trigger warning for sexual assault, but very much worth your time to read.

And while we’re on that terrible subject, go read this, and be sure to click through to the responses.

RIP, Reubin Askew, former Governor of Florida.

“When you start off by basing your arguments around the work of Charles Murray you just lose your credibility from the start”. There’s more to that sentence, but honestly, what more is needed?

And speaking of awesome science-y things, go pre-order your What If book now.

“It’s a fascinating world we live in, where following the letter of the law is now considered “cheating” and “fraud” by Republicans (as long as you’re helping the disadvantaged, of course).”

A more accurate way to celebrate Pi Day.

RIP, Glenn Edward McDuffie, the sailor from Houston in Alfred Eisenstaedt’s famous photo of a kiss on V-J Day.

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One Comment

  1. Coupla math notes:

    Re: Preschoolers and algebra, check out the game Dragon Box. Teaches them the basics of isolating variables, etc., quite early on before they ever get to multiplication/division. See:

    Also, re: Pi Day, check out must-see anti-Pi rant by Vi Hart:

    Honestly, I wish Texas would hire that woman to re-write the state geometry curriculum. Maybe kids would actually take something useful from it. Her whole YouTube library is worth watching. Check out in particular her brilliant “Twelve Tones.”