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Friday random thirteen: Presidenting is hard work, part 2

Finishing the job I started last week:

1. We’ve Only Just Begun – Grant Lee Buffalo
2. Buns O’Plenty – Isaac Hayes
3. Mary Ann – Ben Arthur
4. Devil’s Radio – George Harrison
5. Sweet Old Chicago – Roosevelt Sykes
6. Ballad Of The Pines – Jonathan Wilson
7. Come Together – Ike & Tina Turner
8. Claudette – Robert Johnson
9. Ain’t Got Nobody – Mojo Nixon
10. I Don’t Care What You Call Me – David Ford
11. Blue Lou – Benny Carter
12. Ballad of Ronald Reagan – Austin Lounge Lizards
13. Rocket Man – Kate Bush

A little cheating in there, but that’s what makes these lists fun. Clearly, I need to get some George Clinton tunes. What contributions can you make this week?

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