Weekend link dump for April 27

The four levels of discrimination. Not quite the 16 Levels of Losing (see followup as well), but it’ll do.

“The cities with the largest share of cyclists have the fewest cycling fatalities. And the same is true of pedestrians.”

“In my research, successful professional women—lawyers, academics, executives, scientists—repeatedly said they’ve been expected to bring cupcakes for a colleague’s birthday, order sandwiches for office lunches and answer phones in the conference room, even if their job description is far up the ladder from such administrative tasks.”

“The essence of the circle of scam is that everybody gets rich at some stage of the game, with the exception of the rank-and-file conservatives who fuel it all with their votes, their eyeballs, and their money.”

Apparently, parrots name their children. As far as we know, however, no parrot child has ever been named “Khaleesi”.

“And I don’t recall reading many headlines asking, “WILL MITT’S NEARLY TWO DOZEN GRANDCHILDREN KILL HIS PRESIDENTIAL AMBITIONS?” during the 2012 election cycle.”

I got all 15 questions right on this Pew quiz on religion, though I admit I guessed on the last one.

RIP, John C. Houbolt, NASA engineer who was vital to the moon landing in 1969.

“But a funny thing happened on the way to the videophone future AT&T executives and engineers imagined: It didn’t happen, at least not the way they thought it would.”

I’m sorry, but the unwritten rules of baseball are a bunch of baloney. Play to win, act like a grownup, and take what the other team gives you. That’s all you need to know.

“Be less stupid” is good advice in general.

This is why we can’t have nice things.

Texas is a great state for producing solar energy, and there are many business opportunities here for solar. Texas is also a hotbed of wingnut legislation, influenced by the usual big money suspects. Which force will be more powerful in 2015?

“Having a representative of the highest judicial body in the land on a whistlestop tour telling people that revolt is the answer to constitutional provisions they don’t like isn’t just a violation of the oath of office, it undermines the judicial system as a whole. What faith is there in the rule of law if one of the nation’s top judges is telling you not to get elected and change the law, but to rise up in revolt?”

For those of you that have been missing Johnny Weir and Tara Lipinski since the Winter Olympics, this is relevant to your interests.

Wind turbines really aren’t a threat to birds.

Better be prepared to install anti-virus software for that Internet-connected TV of yours.

“The federal lands grazing program is like supercharged food stamps for bovines. And it is massively subsidized.”

Stone Cold Steve Austin supports same-sex marriage. Austin 3:16, indeed.

It’s hard out here on a female Republican Congressional candidate.

Bundyfest is a thing that maybe ought to happen.

“Patterson was an expert in analyzing trace elements; Kehoe was a doctor who was in the pocket of the petroleum industry. Patterson saw rising levels of lead in the environment as a consequence of its use as a fuel additive; Kehoe was getting paid to sow doubt. Patterson focused on the effects of environmental lead on human health; Kehoe was more concerned with the profit margins of industry. The campaigns for lead additives in fuel resemble the abuses of science used to promote cigarette smoking and to fight actions to curb greenhouse gases.”

“How quickly you have forgotten Herman Cain“. And deservedly so.

“Yep, that’s about as classless as you can get, attacking the president and the senator with a picture taken when they were visiting victims of a mass shooting in the hospital.” Money cannot buy classiness, that’s for sure.

Do you need a reason to read something about Yogi Berra? Well, there you go.

Meet the finalists of the 2014 Flame Challenge, which is “Explaining color to 11-year-olds”.

“The corporate race to the bottom on wages and working conditions is coming for you, too.”

RIP, Emmett Solomon, former Texas prison chaplain and founder of the Restorative Justice Ministries Network.

“Specifically, I don’t understand why, after a decade’s worth of hand-wringing over the moral depravity of rule-breakers, people are accepting of a situation where breaking the rules is totally fine as long as no one is being obvious about it and no one is doing things to cause it to make big, controversial news.”

The world is a better place with another zonkey in it.

Ted Cruz can cross being mocked by a supermodel off his bucket list.

What LeBron says about Donald Sterling.

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