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Weekend link dump for May 11

Happy 50th birthday, BASIC. I sure hope there will be a celebration we can all GOTO. /rimshot

I’ve eaten crickets before, in Japan. I’d eat cricket chips as described in that post.

17 Lies We Need to Stop Teaching Girls About Sex. We should probably stop teaching them to boys, too.

How have women fared compared with men in the history of the game show Jeopardy?

How long will it take to completely binge-watch various TV shows?

“Male, but not female, experimenters induce intense stress in rodents that can dampen pain responses”.

The US uninsured rate continues to drop. I wonder what could possibly be the cause of that.

“How can Brooks and Wieseltier motivate anyone after spending years serving a movement and powerful interests that can’t reconcile their supposed commitment to republican-ordered liberty with their knee-jerk service to a casino-financed, predatory-marketing juggernaut that’s dissolving republican virtues, morale, and even sovereignty? Nationalist nostalgia and scapegoating are their timeless resorts.”

A requiem for Ladies Home Journal, which had more journalistic impact than you might think.

“Although they pointed out that any serious rewilding effort should start small, Donlan and colleagues sketched a daring vision: North American reserves populated with African and Asian elephants, to replace the ancient beasts that once maintained grasslands by suppressing woody plants, and African lions as stand-ins for the extinct American lion that kept the herbivores in check.”

The Target breach, by the numbers.

“Last year, 25 hedge fund managers earned more than double every kindergarten teacher combined”.

It’s good to be the oldest child.

We need a financial transactions tax here.

One hopes that the Obama White House outreach effort to TV weathercasters about climate change will be more successful than the Clinton White House’s effort was.

“A majority of U.S. millionaires think rising income inequality is a “major problem” and almost two-thirds favor increasing taxes on the wealthy and raising the minimum wage to reverse the trend, according to a new survey.” Of course, support for those propositions goes along party lines.

The time Superman saved Yankee Stadium from Godzilla. How can you not click on that?

“As many as 90 percent of WellPoint customers have paid their first premium by its due date, according to testimony the company prepared for a congressional hearing today. For Aetna, the payment is in the “low to mid-80 percent range,” the company said in its own testimony. Health Care Service Corp., which operates Blue Cross Blue Shield plans in five states including Texas, said that number is at least 83 percent.” Sorry, Republicans. It just keeps getting tougher to be an Obamacare hater.

The World’s Worst Books really are that bad.

“The problem is that pro-business policies don’t really contribute to economic growth. They just make the rich richer, which is not the same thing at all.”

“French professional soccer club Clermont Foot made history Wednesday when it announced that Helena Costa, a 36-year-old Portuguese woman, had signed on to be the club’s head coach for the 2014-2015 season.”

Mom could use a raise. Even the CEO of Subway thinks so.

Ah, Clinton Derangement Syndrome. I’ve missed you.

“We never see them again. That woman who just left here…you will never see her in this market again. It’s too painful. It just reminds them of how bad off they were that night.”

“These two graphs illustrate a transportation paradox: Alternatives to driving in the United States are both a luxury for the well-off and a last resort for the poor.”

“In sum, Republicans, at all levels, get that the courts matter a lot, and Democrats mostly do not.”

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