Weekend link dump for June 8

How not to get hired by the firm that brought you in as a summer intern.

“It may be too soon to know if the Affordable Care Act is making Americans healthier. But there’s a smattering of data that suggests the law is making the health care industry healthier, at least.”

Will the last country that wants to host the 2022 Winter Olympics please turn out the lights?

Jeopardy! champion Arthur Chu has some excellent thoughts about misogyny, entitlement, and nerd culture.

“The problem with the VA system right now is that, for an entire decade, we sent people into the meat grinder of a war the architects of which conducted completely off the books. They kept it off the books used to keep the federal budget, and they did all they could to keep it off the books of the nation’s moral conscience as well. They lied and they cooked their estimates on everything far worse than did the likely criminals who fudged the documentation at the hospital in Phoenix.”

When even the NRA thinks you’ve gone too far…Or not. I guess it isn’t possible to go too far.

I don’t think God loves me enough to tell Herman Cain to run for President again in 2016.

“Electronic Arts, the maker of popular college sports-themed video games, will pay current and former college athletes $40 million in damages as part of a deal to settle multiple lawsuits against it, the NCAA, and the Collegiate Licensing Company.”

RIP, Ann B. Davis, best known as Alice from The Brady Bunch.

On punching down.

As the author of this award-winning blog, I recommend you read this post about how to win on social media.

RIP, GOProud. Tough row to how ya got there.

“Yes, malaria is still a plague; it’s not Rachel Carson’s fault, and your saying so probably kills kids”.

Charlie Pierce schools Maureen Dowd on the proper ways to consume cannabis comestibles.

John Oliver causes massive FCC headache (via Therese, who brings the GIF).

The minimum wage is worth a lot less now than it was in 1968. Of course, wages overall aren’t worth what they used to be, too.

“It is like watching a man confidently explain why a mousetrap could never work on the assumption that the trap will be laid with no bait.”

RIP, Father Rivers Patout, founding chaplain of the Houston International Seafarer’s Center.

“A German museum has put on display a living, 3D-printed copy of Vincent van Gogh’s ear that was grown using some of the Dutch artist’s genetic material.”

“Even casual readers of the Bible may have noticed that there is no reference in Genesis to human sinfulness (or Martian sinfulness, for that matter) leading God to flood Mars.”

RIP, Don Zimmer, one of the great characters of baseball.

Even if the option had existed when they were babies for my children to lounge in spa pools with floaties supporting their heads, I would not have indulged in such an extravagance. I mean, seriously.

“Has Obama done everything within his power to protect future generations against climate change? Yes. Is everything within his power enough? No.”

When doing cartwheels is outlawed, only outlaws will do carthweels. Or something like that.

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