Steve Stockman ethics update

He still doesn’t have any, but I’m talking about the investigation into his highly questionable campaign finance activity.

Steve Stockman doing his best Joe Cocker impersonation

The House Ethics Committee extended its probe into U.S. Rep. Steve Stockman on Wednesday, releasing a report detailing allegations that he tried to cover up illegal campaign contributions from people who worked in his congressional office at the time.

The report by the independent Office of Congressional Ethics found “substantial reason to believe” that the Texas Republican conspired with two former staffers to violate federal laws and congressional ethics rules.

Stockman, the report said, “made false statements and endeavored to impede the OCE inquiry” filing payroll documents in December 2013, months after the two men allegedly quit and then were rehired – all in a matter of hours.


Stockman claimed victory. He noted that while the Ethics Committee extended the inquiry for further review, it did not call for an active investigation by a congressional panel that could issue subpoenas, as recommended by the investigators. Nevertheless the panel did not dismiss the OCE’s findings.

“I am gratified that the Ethics Committee saw the OCE report for what it was and rejected its absurd recommendations and its overreaches,” Stockman said. “While we did experience some (Federal Election Commission) reporting errors, the fact is that we acknowledged and corrected them in due course.”

Legal analysts say it would be unusual for the House Ethics panel to pursue a full-blown investigation of an outgoing congressman. Stockman, who lost a primary election race against U.S. Sen. John Cornyn, cannot run to retain his House seat.

Stockman said the House panel “thanked” him for his cooperation in dealing with their probe, although investigators termed him “non-cooperative.”

There’s a surprise. See here and here for the background. TPM has links to the OCE and House Ethics Committee statements. While it may be that the House won’t bother dealing with someone who’s on his way out, Stockman still has FEC issues and could conceivably wind up facing prosecution. Maybe this will finally be enough to remind Republican primary voters that they should steer clear of him if he ever does run for something again. I mean, if it isn’t enough, I really don’t know what would be. dKos has more.

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