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Dave Wilson reminds us again why elections matter

Because now when he does crap like this, it’s as an elected official and not just a yahoo crank of long standing.

Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson, an anti-gay activist who won a contested race for a seat on the Houston Community College board last November, wants HCC to cancel its plans to sponsor a float in this month’s gay pride parade.

“Regardless of what has happened in the past, it is my position that HCC should not lend its name or taxpayers’ money to this parade,” Wilson said in an email to HCC Chairwoman Neeta Sane and the rest of the board. “My religious beliefs consider homosexual behavior to be a sin.”


The annual Houston Pride Parade, which last year drew 400,000 people, is scheduled for June 28. Wilson said he wants the board to vote on whether HCC’s participation is appropriate.

“If the KKK had a parade, I would hope the college wouldn’t lend its name to that,” Wilson said in an interview. “I don’t want to take any part in it, but I’m just one of nine. I want the opportunity to vote on it. I’m not going to unilaterally force my will onto somebody.”

As of Wednesday afternoon, no vote was scheduled for Thursday’s meeting. The chancellor has the necessary authority and has decided HCC will participate, spokeswoman Fritz Guthrie said.

The system has sponsored a float in the parade for years. It participates in a variety of community events, from Juneteenth celebrations to the annual Cesar Chavez parade, Sane said.

“It’s reaching out to all cross sections of our community,” Sane said. “I’m pretty comfortable about HCC being out there.”

As are all decent human beings. I trust the rest of the board will follow the lead of Chancellor Cesar Maldonado and Chairwoman Sane, but again, the reason we’re even talking about this is because Wilson managed to deceive enough voters to sneak in under the radar. Under any other circumstances, no one would be paying attention to the ravings of a nutcase. I sure hope Vince Ryan can prove his case when it goes to court next month. A copy of Maldonado’s email to Wilson, which was embedded as an image in Wilson’s email for some reason, and Wilson’s reply to Sane, on which he bcc’ed me, is beneath the fold.

From: Dave [email protected]
To: cesar.maldonado, s.mullins, Eva, Zeph, Adriana, carroll-robins., robert_glaser, Neeta, neeta, christopher.ol., adriana.tamez2,, Derrick.Mitche., Vidal

Chancellor Maldonado,

Your letter (obviously someone wrote this letter for you because last year the parade had a crowd of 7,000 not 400,000) regarding support for the homosexual Parade as based on board policy misses the objective and purpose of the Parade. Their purpose is to indoctrinate our children into tolerating their life style with the ultimate goal of accepting their life style.

I object to our public support for a parade that through its flamboyance of sexuality is not suitable for all audiences. Will you be attending with your grandchildren?

If the Ku Klux Klan (KKK) had a parade would HCC lend its’ good name through its’ diversity initiative to such a parade? I would hope not.

You cite MLK parade, Rodeo etc. None of those parades are provocative or flamboyant. Videos of previous parades would confirm my objections. How can HCC publicly endorse such an inappropriate demonstration on our young children? To hide behind incongruent board policy is disappointing and disrespectful to the parents who attend HCC. To make an argument that other people are going to be in the parade reminds me of what my mother always said to me “Just because other people are doing it doesn’t make it right. If everybody was jumping off a cliff would you jump off to?”

Daniel Patrick Moynihan observed that our nation was defining deviancy down – normalizing the deviant to accommodate our moral decay.

Please put this issue on the agenda for the whole board to vote on.

Dave Wilson


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