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Weekend link dump for July 6

News flash: Spending a lot of time on your butt watching TV may be bad for your health.

If you’re going to take money from the devil, you really need to do some serious good with it.

“How did you know my name was Elsa?” “Well, aren’t most girls your age named Elsa?”

What’s the matter with Kansas economically?

On Bob Kane and Bill Finger, the man you know as Batman’s creator and the man you should know.

“This is the major problem with how the vast majority of reform conservatives think about climate change (with a few exceptions). They neither articulate a clear view of what kind of climate goals they would prefer nor demonstrate how their favorite policies would get us there.”

“Said it before, will say it again: If the folks who annoy and harass women going to health care clinics were really concerned about protecting innocent life, why aren’t they out protesting in front of the headquarters of Koch Industries?”

Good to know Bing is better than Google at something. (Technically, neither link is NSFW, but the subject matter is, so I’d wait till I got home before I clicked either of them.)

From the Kids Are All Right files.

“We tend to forget that the first coldly expedient hero to anchor an influential, long-running series named after him wasn’t Tony Soprano. It was Jerry Seinfeld.”

This is not a ruling that upholds religious liberty. It is a ruling that specifically enshrines abortion as the most important religious liberty in America.”

“The obvious solution to this dilemma is to take health insurance away from employers altogether.”

“This idea — that women’s reproductive well-being is vital to both their personal prospects and the country’s fortunes — runs throughout [Justice Ruth Bader] Ginsburg’s dissent. It is notably absent from Justice Samuel Alito’s majority opinion.”

“Individuals should not be able to declare that anything they dislike causes abortion and therefore avoid any laws relating to that item. Because there is no steady, safe line to draw between those who think IUDs cause abortions and those who think Tylenol causes abortion.”

Still not enough? See The Slacktivist for more. And keep feeling that feeling you have right now.

Happy (almost) tenth anniversary to The Comics Curmudgeon!

And along the same lines, happy 35th birthday to the Sony Walkman.

Good news! We may get A Very Sherlock Christmas next year, hopefully with a better title. Bad news: That means the next Sherlock wouldn’t be till Christmas of 2015. More bad news: It may be the only Sherlock we get next year.

Well, of course Bonnie Raitt would get raptured if there ever was a rapture.

Maybe if Supreme Court Justices had to walk through protest zones and get called awful things to their faces they might have been a bit more reluctant to strike down the MA buffer zone law.

“I absolutely have not received any privileges from sexual assault. [George Will] has clearly never experienced the fear of sexual assault. He clearly has no idea how hard it is to sleep, to walk around, thinking at any moment this person that you live down the hall from could come out.”

“With a majority on their side, and the fact that this issue brings out a lot of distastefully puritanical and frankly misogynistic stuff from Republicans, Democrats would be happy to force their opponents to talk about contraception as much as possible.” As Sally Kohn also notes.

#HobbyLobbyLove fail.

“On the first day of the new Georgia Safe Carry Protection Act, a misunderstanding between two armed men in a convenience store Tuesday led to a drawn firearm and a man’s arrest.”

RIP, Louis Zamperini, Olypmian, WWII hero, and the subject of the book and movie-to-be “Unbroken”. See “Unbroken” author Laura Hillenbrand’s eulogy to Zampirini as well.

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