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Judge affirms Wilson residency verdict

No surprise.

Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson

The Harris County Attorney’s office, which has been challenging [Dave] Wilson’s residency for months, asked state District Judge Mike Engelhart to throw out last month’s jury ruling, arguing that Wilson was breaking the law by claiming two residences.

Engelhart said Monday that he “unfortunately” had to deny the motion, but he admonished Wilson in his ruling.

“In presiding over this trial and listening to you testify, observing evidence and photographs, I found you not to be credible at all,” Engelhart said. “I will always believe you were an opportunist looking to take advantage of a situation and somehow create a legacy for yourself.”

Engelhart said he was “especially dismayed” by evidence in last month’s trial showing Wilson registered to vote in South Houston with the intention of running for an open state senate seat, but never actually moved there, or made “any effort to even look for an apartment or other residence.” Wilson then switched his registration back to the warehouse in which he has an apartment in HCC District II.

“That speaks loudly about your integrity,” Engelhart said.

See here and here for the background. Judge Engelhart is exactly right: Dave Wilson is a sleazebag and a grifter who found a seam in the law and is taking full advantage of it. Perhaps an appeals court will see it differently, but I would not count on it. Unless the Lege takes action, we’re stuck with him till 2019. It sucks, but it is what it is.

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