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Friday random ten – In N Out

Starting the second half of the alphabet, though we’re more than halfway through thanks to letters like Q, X, and Z.

1. Take Me Away – Napoleon XIV
2. Break My Heart – Natalie Merchant
3. The Needle And The Damage Done – Neil Young
4. People Got A Lotta Nerve – Neko Case
5. 99 Red Balloons – Nena
6. Stick It Where The Sun Don’t Shine – Nick Lowe
7. Come A Day – Nils Lofgren
8. Not So Pretty Now – Nine Inch Nails
9. You Are My Sunshine – Norman Blake
10. Good Old A Capella – The Nylons

You have to listen to the whole song to realize just how heart-breakingly sad “You Are My Sunshine” is, because it’s not obvious from the title or the well-known refrain. I know YouTube is a treasure trove of oddball novelty songs, but I doubt there will ever be as good an outlet for the likes of Napoleon XIV and the people that know his music like the Dr. Demento Show was. I doubt anyone is ever going to put out a collection of YouTube’s Greatest Novelty Songs.

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