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Weekend link dump for September 28

Immunization rates in the toniest LA preschools are in line with immunization rates in developing countries like Chad and South Sudan.

“In short, mainstream economics – and the concept of homo economicusrecognizes only half of what makes us human. We are undoubtedly motivated by self-interest. But we are also fundamentally social creatures.”

I think any time a lawyer dresses like Thomas Jefferson to argue a case in court, there’s a valid claim to be made of incompetent counsel.

Four words: Deep fried sweet tea. I got nothing.

A not so brief history of Wonder Woman.

“Republicans bristle at being called racist in their policies: they feel that Democrats use every opportunity brand any conservative policy as racist. But that’s because they’ve grown so used to their own dog whistles that they don’t even realize that other people can hear them and take offense.”

On Popeye and his pipe and how decisions get made in the business of making cartoons.

I would just about be willing to accept medical malpractice caps if the scammers that foisted that bit of one-percent-protection on us would go after crap like this with an equal amount of fervor.

“A Very Important Celebration Of Bill Cosby’s Greatest Sweaters From ‘The Cosby Show'”.

Maybe Qatar won’t host the World Cup in 2022 after all.

“Ten years ago, on Wednesday, September 22, ABC premiered an epic adventure drama that had a stratospheric budget, a big premise and a sprawling cast, none of whom were stars […] You know it as Lost.” See also this amazing timeline of everything that happened on Lost.

Now you can have it your way at McDonald’s, if having it your way involves eating at a McDonald’s. Oh, and there is no “assembly line” at Five Guys.

It’s not easy being America’s worst Republican, but Kris Kobach is up to the task.

Google finally concludes that ALEC is evil.

“So, yes: Giant fire-breathing tarantulas attack Los Angeles and, inexplicably, the cast of the 1980s cop comedy franchise Police Academy.” If that’s not a call to set your DVRs, I don’t know what is.

We throw away way too much food.

You can always make a bad situation worse by bringing in Frank Luntz to do your messaging.

I have to admit, Pope Francis is doing a lot to make me almost proud to have been raised Catholic.

But then stuff like this reminds me why I’m not.

Don’t like having your favorite TV shows spoiled? You need more Canadian friends.

Pondering the deep legal questions on the new Gotham show.

A few modern heroes of the ebola epidemic.

Sure is a good thing these guys are the intellectual elite of the conservative movement.

This is the problem in the debate about Obamacare. The two sides live in different informational universes.”

A “Left Behind” throwback Friday. Come mock it all over again, from the beginning.

Yes, beating Sam Brownback would be sweet. But I’m hoping to aim a little higher than that.

The Once Upon A Time/Frozen drinking game. Please enjoy responsibly.

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