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Friday random six: U too?

Sorry, six songs by U-named bands is all I got:

1. The Electric Co. – U2
2. Still…You Turn Me On – Uncle Seth
3. I’m In Heaven – Universal Funk
4. Ffuny Ffriends – Unknown Mortal Orchestra
5. Stay With Me – The Urges
6. Easy Livin’ – Uriah Heep

I have lots of U2, but they only count for one here. As with the Q-named musicians, I’m not sure who else is out there. I know there’s Uncle Tupelo and Urge Overkill, and after that I draw a blank. What other U-named bands or singers can you think of?

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One Comment

  1. Amerloc says:

    My eldest daughter recommended Uncle Earl to me a couple years ago. Good stuff:)