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Weekend link dump for November 16

I was always sure that all six of these things were at the very least rude, but it’s good to write them down and make it clear.

Beware Uber’s auto financing scheme.

“Most people can think of someone who is a jerk or a pushover and largely clueless about how they’re seen. Sadly, our results suggest that, often enough, that clueless jerk or pushover is us.”

How maggots help solve crimes. They need more of that on CSI.

More like this, and less like this, please.

“You will be pleased to know that the plaintiff who accuses Rick Springfield of assaulting her with his butt has not given up despite an earlier mistrial.”

“Charity will be condemned with the same rule that condemns welfare, because the ‘dependency’ argument is an intentionally blunt instrument: it doesn’t really have an interest in poor people; it just proposes a premise on which to cease aid.”

How does a prequel to The Sopranos sound to you?

Yellow elephants have supplanted yellow dogs.

Twenty-five will save lives.

Policy, schmolicy. It’s horse races people want to hear about.

Remember those Colorado State Senate recall elections that were spurred by passing gun control legislation? The Senators that ousted the Democrats in that election were themselves ousted last week. It’s about the turnout, y’all.

There were a few other progressive results to celebrate in that otherwise dismal election as well.

“But if Obamacare for the internet isn’t a particularly meaningful concept, a public option for the internet is.”

The Oatmeal explains net neutrality to Ted Cruz far more nicely than he deserves.

RIP Jovian, the lemur who starred as Zoboo on PBS’ hit nature series Zoboomafoo.

The US-China climate agreement undercuts a key Republican argument against taking action on climate change.

Hey, remember when Ebola was a thing?

RIP, Little Joe Washington, Houston blues guitar legend.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver calls for legalization of spors betting.

“Americans who obtained new health insurance policies in 2014 using the government exchanges are roughly as positive about their healthcare coverage and the quality of healthcare they receive as the average insured American, and are more satisfied with the cost of their coverage.”

RIP, Jane Byrne, Chicago’s first (and so far only) female Mayor.

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