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Ben Hall 2.0

Oh, hell no.

Ben Hall

Ben Hall

Ben Hall, the lawyer who lost to Mayor Annise Parker in 2013, will run for mayor again in 2015, he told the Chronicle on Wednesday.

Hall will announce his candidacy in a radio advertisement that will begin airing this week, a year before the November 2015 election. While candidates are not allowed to collect money from donors until Feb. 1 for city races, they can spend it, and Hall has self-funded his new campaign’s initial advertising.

“Hello, this is Ben Hall and yes, I’m running for the mayor of the City of Houston again,” the 60-second radio spot begins. “I’m asking for your prayers, your support and your vote,” it concludes.

Hall, who took the first step in running by designating a campaign treasurer, joins a field that is expected to draw around a dozen candidates.


Hall, who also considered running in 2011, said it was important to announce his candidacy well in advance to “change the subjects we are discussing.”

“People need to have hope that this city is about more than simply subpoenaing sermons and those kind of petty issues,” said Hall, referring to Parker’s now-withdrawn subpoenas of five area pastors as part of the city’s defense of a lawsuit over its equal rights ordinance. “I’m going to make a pretty good application for the vote of the people.”

I’m so sure. It would be difficult to be a worse candidate than he was in 2013, but by God he’s gonna try.

UPDATE: Texpatriate has more.

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  1. N.M. Horwitz says:

    Ben Hall wishes he still looked like that.

  2. Mainstream says:

    I just don’t see a path to victory for him. He has burned so many bridges on both the left and right. I have to wonder if he is only running to harm Sylvester Turner’s chances.

  3. Paul Kubosh says:

    I think he has more to do with his life then just try to mess with Sylvester Turner. He is running to win. As to burning bridges on the right I would be interested in your opinion as to what those bridges are. As to burning the bridges on the left I assume you mean the hardcore Parker voters?

  4. joshua ben bullard says:

    its hard to say exactly because ben hall is a lawyer and lawyers that run for office with high profile campaigns in houston texas increase their law practice revenue even if they perform poorly at the polls.”now here’s the straight dope “on what ben hall and carroll robinson are up to,ben hall and carroll are both going with political novice justin jordan, in order to keep the expenses low,most voters may not know consultant justin jordan so please allow me to provide the refresher=paul kubosh is in the story as well=if you remember about 3 years ago steven kirkland was challenged by elain palmer in the democrat primary,paul kubosh backed elain palmer big time because of how steven kirkland treated him at the municipal courts,
    that million dollar lawyer financed elain palmers campaign against kirkland hiring a political heavy weight to handle his campaign , well that political heavy weight whom has since passed away had a young assistant named -you quessed it=justin jordan and when i say he was just the assistant i mean he just assisted with the campaign=well elaine palmer won and kirkland was off the bench =well a year and a half later steven kirkland ran again for the 113th district seat but drew a democrat primary opponent named =lori gray,now the same million dollar lawyer financed her campaign and even though the political heavy had passed away already decided to hire the former assistant =justin jordan=now then ,the difference is =this time steve kirkland won big time and lory gray got sent packing and justin jordan suffered defeat ===sooooo that brings me back to our good friends ben hall and carroll robinson=they have both hired justin jordan to manage their campaigns=personally legally and ethiocally by the time i am done blogging on carroll robinson and ben hall i wouldnt be surprised if they both withdraw from the race.
    spell check all this if you like =joshua ben bullard=here we go again.

  5. Steven Houston says:

    Hall went around telling right wingers that two thirds of the population did not pay their fair share of taxes while at the same time espousing to the left that he would fund BARC well enough to become a “no kill” animal shelter. He also told HFD they needed raises and their pension left alone until he found he could get more traction telling the world he would lower their benefits, each version to a decidedly different audience (he thought). His campaign was full of such flip flopping, so while his residence issues won’t matter to many, nor will his businesses are taxed too much stance or his pay for play tricks as city attorney, even supporters will keep an eye on him because he has issues with the truth.

  6. Manuel Barrera says:

    I have not seen a perfect candidate for Mayor yet. Ben Hall is not a bad person. He is a superb lawyer. But tends to have terrible skills in choosing a consultant. He would do well by looking for the guy that did Bob Lanier’s campaign.