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Weekend link dump for December 7

Let’s not just make noise, let’s make a difference.

If you’re just now coming out of your Thanksgiving coma, this is what put you there in the first place.

This is what oligarchy looks like.

Tim LaHaye has been wrong for a long time.

How to correctly pluralize your surname for addressing holiday cards, and avoid making all the anal-retentive grammar cops you know twitch uncontrollably.

Good news – cigarette smoking among adults is down from 2005. Not among all adults, but overall things are going in the right direction.

Better go easy on the nutmeg, if you know what’s good for you.

It’s driverless buses that could be transformative in the near future.

For shame, Ridley Scott. For shame.

Lifting the ban on gay men donating blood is long overdue.

The entire Bible explained, in one Facebook post.

Such generosity. I’m, like, so impressed.

“That’s total goblin dung. Every author I’ve spoken to writes crap from time to time, especially in the beginning. We all have a Rise of the Spider Goddess buried away somewhere. The idea that anyone is born with an innate ability to write brilliant fiction is a myth.”

Oh, hey, this isn’t creepy at all.

If we want to have a dialog on racism, we should listen to the kids that are living it.

The whole idea of non-compete agreements for hourly workers is ridiculous and demeaning and ought to be banned.

MLB umpire Dale Scott comes out as gay. He’s been an MLB ump for 29 years now, so if anyone wants to freak out about this, you have some catching up to do.

RIP, Bobby Keys, saxophone player for the Rolling Stones.

Watch out for those “order confirmation” emails. This is a classic phishing scam.

“Perhaps if Obama crashed and burned in dramatic ways more often, he’d get more credit for boldness.”

Turns out stop and frisk had little to do with New York’s crime rate.

“If there was ever a time when you could be happy people don’t check the reliability of their news sources, this would be it.”

A great story about some really lousy times working for Radio Shack.

“What Mysterious Force is Preventing Passage of a Roads Bill?”

Do you watch “State of Affairs”? So does the CIA, and they like to tweet about it.

“With this vote on this bill today, the Republican Party cements its reputation as the party of mass deportation.”

“Richard III was a blue-eyed blond, and the present Queen may not be descended from John of Gaunt and Edward III, the lineage on which the Tudor claim to the throne originated.”

“But if you look beyond the political fights, the picture looks very different. Obamacare is, policy-wise, having a great month — maybe even the law’s best month ever.”

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