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Saturday video break: The Elements

This is a bit of a rerun from last year, but it fits into this theme even though it’s technically not a cover but more of a remake and an update. Surely you know Tom Lehrer’s song “The Elements”:

But seeing that video, you can also see that there have in fact been many more that have since been discovered. So what we need now is an updated elements song that includes all the subsequently discovered elements. And it should also be in atomic number order, with a digression where the periodic table splits. Fortunately, such a song exists. Fittingly enough, it is called The New Periodic Table Song, set to a different possibly recognizable tune:

As I said before, Olivia introduced that song to me. I think it’s pretty awesome, though it too will presumably need to be updated someday when those placeholder names are replaced and two-letter symbols are designated.

And finally, once again here is Daniel Radcliffe singing the Tom Lehrer elements song:

That just never gets old.

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