Buc-ee’s wins logo legal challenge

Don’t mess with the beaver.

A lawsuit between two beaver-loving Texas-based businesses was dismissed before it even reached the courtroom, with the bigger company coming out victorious and the other left logo-less.

Back in early July the lawyers for popular Texas roadside chain Buc-ee’s filed a lawsuit against Frio River Grocery. Lawyers for Buc-ee’s argued in the initial suit that the signage and imagery used by the small store near the Frio River in Concan was a bit too close to what Buc-ee’s had been using for years, namely the cheerful beaver character and the color scheme.

Buc-ee’s is the brainchild of owners Beaver Aplin III and Don Wasek, based in Lake Jackson. They opened up a mega-store earlier this year between Houston and Galveston and have designs on opening many more in the coming few years.

The Frio River store complied with the Buc-ee’s camp and soon took down all of their suspect signage and promotional materials, according to Lake Jackson-based attorneys for Buc-ee’s, H. Tracy Richardson III and Jeff Nadalo.

“We got everything we asked for and they complied. The Frio Beaver is no more,” Richardson said Wednesday.

“We notified the court that we resolved it between ourselves and the other side never filed an answer to our suit,” Richardson says. Planned meetings in October and November never occurred and the judge in the case soon dismissed the case.

See here for the background. As the story notes, this is not Buc-ee’s first trip to the courtroom. They’re two for two so far. Beware the beaver, that’s all I’m saying.

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  1. Katy Anders says:

    And Buc-ee’s owners just love Dan Patrick: http://www.mysanantonio.com/news/local/article/Joaquin-Castro-to-boycott-Buc-ee-s-after-owners-5307143.php

    I wonder what Dan thinks about their thinly-veiled sexual innuendo regarding their mascot?

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