Weekend link dump for January 11

Just a reminder that commercial air travel really sucks. And there’s not much you can do about it without spending a lot of money.

David Duke is now part of the mainstream in the Louisiana GOP.

“It was bad enough when [Pope] Francis kept mentioning that Jesus scorned the rich in favor of the poor. But questioning the Koch’s God-given right to collect corporate welfare, steal from the poor and give to themselves, pollute the planet with greenhouse gases and toxic sludge, all so that they have a shot at racking up another useless billion or two before one of the Ancient Ones dies and the lucky survivor overtakes Bill Gates and, finally, drinks his essence, is going too far!”

Eat well, live healthy, get cancer anyway.

Don’t call it high fructose corn syrup anymore.

The University of Reading will help safeguard the future of chocolate. You’re welcome.

Keep an eye on that Judd Apatow guy. He’s gonna be big, I tell you.

By far the geekiest thing about Wheel of Fortune bonus puzzles you’ll read today.

The hug heard ’round the Twittersphere.

When hoodies are outlawed, only outlaws will have hoodies.

RIP, Bess Myerson, first (and still only) Jewish Miss America and longtime New York political figure.

“How many long-term jobs [would Keystone XL create]? Fifty. That’s right, 50 whole long-term jobs. (One more, and the pipeline would have to get health insurance for them! Unless they hired veterans, I suppose.)”

“Before we get started, this has to be mentioned: This is a movie where Brenda rides alligators as water skis. We need to get that out of the way.”

The different ways that skeptics and realists view global warming.

The video that CNN will play at the end of the world.

I sure hope there’s intelligent life out there. Lord knows, there’s not enough here.

Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter, Kirby Delauter. Also, neener neener neener.

“I ended up learning a very important lesson: that carbs trick my body into consuming far more food than necessary.”

“More than 200 years after Samuel Adams and Paul Revere first buried it in Boston, it took an hour to remove all the objects crammed inside a tiny time capsule.”

However, OJ Simpson’s stolen Heisman trophy was not among the objects found. The search for the real trophy thieves continues.

A half empty/half full take on this year’s Hall of Fame ballot.

The war on math continues apace.

Some very good antibiotics news, which we could sure use.

Neil deGrasse Tyson is your late night talk show host. He’ll be talking about SCIENCE!

RIP, Jethro Pugh, member of the Dallas Cowboys’ “Doomsday Defense”.

RIP, Andrae Crouch, legendary gospel performer, songwriter and choir director.

If the Discovery Channel is back to being reality-based, that would be a good thing.

RIP, Roy Tarpley, former Dallas Maverick whose NBA career, and apparently his life, were cut short by addiction.

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