Weekend link dump for January 25

“If Westerners can overcome their disgust of crickets—or any bug—as food, the environmental benefits could be significant.”

“That’s why the new plan from House Democrats is so encouraging. It seems they are finally beginning to internalize the fact that American workers have been left behind for over a generation, and proposing the kind of brute-force transfer policies that could actually make a difference.”

Neanderthals: Smarter than you thought they were.

The decline of ATMs is another sign of our transition to a cashless society.

On the effectiveness of flu shots.

2001: The Soderbergh Cut

How crime in America has changed over the last decade, in one map.

The origin and history of the Trix Rabbit.

President Obama’s long game on climate policy.

The religious right is obsessed with Beyoncé, for reasons they themselves can’t quite explain.

“Whoever has two pair of leggings must share with anyone who has none; and whoever has food must do likewise.”

The case for expansion in Major League Baseball.

A look at some of the most common forms of credit card fraud.

RIP, Tony Verna, inventor of TV instant replay.

RIP, Reies Lopez Tijerina, Chicano movement leader.

The success of American Sniper may cause real life complications for the trial of Chris Kyle’s accused killer.

Rick Riordan on Newberry awards and books kids actually like to read.

An online anti-harassment task force, led by someone who knows what it’s like to be the focus of an online harassment effort.

There sure are a lot of people accusing the Pope of not being Catholic enough for them. Maybe being a cafeteria Catholic isn’t such a terrible thing after all.

“The president has spent the first six years of his presidency waiting for the moment he could take that credit, knowing it was coming. On Tuesday night, it came. Even with five separate responses to the president’s address, there was nothing Republicans could say to fight the growing sense that Obama’s policies are working and that the GOP has been wrong for the past six years.”

“So, let’s take sick leave’s detractors at their word: If it really comes down to a choice between paid sick time and higher wages, Americans overwhelmingly choose the sick time. So why not give them that choice?”

In case you were wondering, five hundred pounds of pennies is worth about eight hundred bucks.

“It’s a simple enough story: star-crossed lovers go on multistate crime spree! We’re rooting for ya, white kids!”

Good news, everyone: At long last, Rick Springfield has prevailed in the buttocks assault lawsuit.

Mike Huckabee = Sarah Palin 2.0

The physics of Deflategate.

As someone who grew up watching Yankee games on WPIX (Channel 11), this makes me very happy. Now if they promise to bring back the theme song, I’d consider moving back to New York.

Anti-vaxxers are the worst. That is all.

RIP, Ernie Banks, Hall of Fame shortstop for the Chicago Cubs and all-around good guy.

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