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Weekend link dump for February 15

The modesty rules young girls and adolescents are taught to follow are contradictory and harmful.

By making this argument in the midst of a measles resurgence, both [Sen. Rand] Paul and New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie are trying to have it both ways: to emphasize that, no, they would never dispute the science behind vaccines, while at the same time winking at anti-vaxxers who put a premium on having the choice to not vaccinate their kids.

“[President] Obama has cemented a decision by the Democratic Party to make quality universal child care the next major goal of American liberalism.”

In-flight WiFi ain’t all that. I know, I’m shocked, too.

It’s like your mother always told you: Too much TV isn’t good for you.

Now that was one ginormous rat.

It’s okay to embrace your inner jerk as a lawyer, as long as you don’t do it all the time. I’d say that applies to non-lawyers, too.

“When it comes to vaccines, there’s two things that a lot of people don’t understand. One is herd immunity; the other is probability of infection.”

Birth control of the future will be awesome, assuming the wingnuts don’t win their fight to outlaw it all.

“You know, there are a bunch of valid criticisms that can and should be made about uninspiring science teaching. Complaining about people’s foreign accents is not one of them. Openly mocking said accent is well over the line into Not OK.”

Law and Order may be back for a limited run. Won’t be the same without Lennie Briscoe, of course.

Someone may be hacking into your car, and your car won’t put up much of a fight.

RIP, Ed Sabol, founder of NFL Films.

The number of Americans requiring emergency room care for injuries involving sex toys has approximately doubled since 2007, according to data from the Consumer Product Safety Commission.” And yes, Fifty Shades of Grey is to blame for that.

Three words: Sriracha-flavored ketchup. If you have to use ketchup, I’d rather use that than ketchup-flavored ketchup.

There are measles vaccine myths out there. Don’t believe them.

A fitting eulogy for Jon Stewart’s tenure on The Daily Show. Well, that and the celebrity Twitter reactions, of course.

There are five people left in the world today who were born in the 1800s. I knew a few such folks when I was a kid. One was a neighbor of ours who was a WWI veteran and died when he was 85 or so. He was born in 1890; it’s kind of awe-inspiring to think that he’d be 125 years old now if he were still alive.

RIP, Jerry Tarkanian, legendary (and controversial) basketball coach at UNLV.

“Facebook is now making it a little easier for your loved ones to manage your profile page after you’ve shuffled off this mortal coil.”

I had no idea there were once unicorns in the Bible.

“There is no single “Christian” view on Netanyahu’s speech, or on Israel, for that matter.”

RIP, Gary Owens, voiceover/narrator/cartoon voice star, best known for his role on Laugh In. Also, he was a mensch.

“The Supreme Court briefs are in, and we can now say that big business backs Obamacare.”

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