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Weekend link dump for March 8

“You’ll be seeing a lot more of the Kardashian family.” So you may as well just surrender now.

Be nice to rats, and rats will be nice to you.

Dear people 65 and older in America: You are receiving a government subsidy for health care, whether you believe it or not. And it’s a pretty sizable one, too.

“So, once again, I have lost a battle of wits to a first-grader.”

“The first hippos may have been about the size of overgrown sheep.”

An interesting review of the Bob Hope biography.

“The point is that extreme inequality and the falling fortunes of America‚Äôs workers are a choice, not a destiny imposed by the gods of the market. And we can change that choice if we want to.”

RIP, Minnie Minoso, the Hispanic Jackie Robinson and only modern day major leaguer to play in five different decades. Put him in the Hall of Fame, y’all.

You have the right to a lobbyist. If you cannot afford a lobbyist, one will be provided for you.

“[Juan] Pierre and [Adam] Dunn are the John Adams and Thomas Jefferson of their generation.”

From the Do Unto Others As They Would Never Do Unto You Because They’re Not Nearly As Nice As You Are department.

Looks like Google+ is not long for this world.

The irony of wingnut Kansas Gov. Sam Brownback being forced to accept Medicaid expansion because his insane tax cuts have bankrupted his state is just too delicious.

Subsidizing transit is a great idea.

No more elephant acts in Ringling Brothers circuses.

“HBO said to be planning an April launch of its over-the-top streaming service, in time for the fifth-season premiere of Game of Thrones.”

If you fear octopus or lions, you should not click either of those links.

RIP, Harve Bennett, producer of Star Trek movies and multiple 70s TV shows.

Family and Medical Leave Act extended to all married couples.

90s-era weak cryptography, a relic of misguided federal law, still found in modern software.

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