Coming attractions

The big thing next year in Houston is going to be the mayoral election, which will be wide open since Mayor Lee Brown is prohibited from running again by our stoopid term-limits law. Former City Councilman Joe Roach, who announced his candidacy a few months ago, has now announced that he will drop out of the race, citing concerns about his wife’s health. This leaves one known candidate, first-term Councilman Michael “Boy Wonder” Berry, and a whole lotta speculation.

Anyway, as I noted before, Roach would not have been my first choice but he was a serious candidate who would have run a good campaign. I’m sorry to see him drop out and wish him and his wife well.

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2 Responses to Coming attractions

  1. Darn. And I was hoping us short people would have a good candidate. We have to stick together, you know, or they make us go back to the chocolate factory. Besides, just the last name “Roach” in a swampy city like Houston gets you the invertebrate vote right there.

    Although as attested by the photograph at Michael and Ginger’s wedding, I am officially tall.

  2. Stephen Haise says:

    what happened to his wife? i missed that.

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