Time to kill Daylight Saving Time?

At least one member of the House would like to do so.

I got to the office this morning just before 6 a.m. Or, as I called it two days ago, 5 a.m.

Enough’s enough. Isn’t that right, state Rep. Dan Flynn, Republican from Canton? “It is something that was a good idea at one point, but it has kind of past.” Kind of? Haven’t you heard? Daylight saving time is killing us.

That was Flynn talking about daylight saving time back in November, when he first filed HB 150, which aims to adios the springing forward and the falling back. Flynn hopes to make that happen by Sept. 1.

Maybe it has a fighting chance: Last month the bill was sent to the House’s Government Transparency & Operation Committee, which has put it at the top of its to-discuss list this Wednesday. And thanks to this Facebook campaign, the comments are piling up. Shocking: There aren’t many in favor of keeping daylight saving time.

I guess I need to go register my feedback for today’s committee hearing, because I do like Daylight Saving Time. I like having more daytime during the after school/after work hours, when it’s actually useful. I’m not sure why anyone wants the sun to come up before 6 AM during the summer, but maybe that’s just me. I admit, I get a bit off kilter for the first few days after the changeover, and I admit that current research shows that DST does not deliver on its promised benefits. I still like it. Go ahead, sue me. Far as I can tell from my archives, this subject has not come up in previous Legislatures, at least not in a way that was notable enough for me to blog about it. We’ll see how far this effort gets. RG Ratcliffe, Trail Blazers, Unfair Park, and Texas Leftist have more.

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5 Responses to Time to kill Daylight Saving Time?

  1. Katy Anders says:

    Hmm. The time change has never bothered me much.

    I read the Jezebel article linked in the long quote, and I’m not entirely convinced that it’s costing the state anything, either.

    On the other hand, getting rid of it would play havoc with my prime time television viewing. We’d be central time half the year and what? Mountain time half the year?

  2. mollusk says:

    Oh joy. We’d be joining Arizona in confusing the devil out of the rest of the country. Not that we don’t already do so in other respects.

  3. M@ says:

    I love daylight savings time!

  4. Jamie says:


  5. Jules says:

    Let’s just stay on Daylight Saving Time and not “fall back”.

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