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Dave Wilson goes trolling again

It’s what he does.

Dave Wilson

Dave Wilson

The battle over Mayor Parker’s efforts to protect gay and transgender Houstonians is roaring back to life. A petition is making the rounds saying, sign if you agree gender is assigned at birth. The man behind it says he has enough signatures to take it to a city-wide vote.

“Whatever you’re born with you have to live with, that’s what this is basically saying,” said Dave Wilson, a HCC Trustee.

He wants to take it to the voters. Wilson’s been busy mailing out petitions, but not all the feedback is positive.

“Jesus wouldn’t sign this and neither will I,” said Wilson, reading some of the hate mail he received.

However, this HCC Trustee claims he’s boxed up enough signatures to force a city-wide vote on gender identity. Basically saying in Houston, sex is determined at birth. For example, that means no men in women’s bathrooms, even if that person identifies as a women.


Wilson’s new petition would put the controversy on the ballot, during an election season when the mayor’s spot is also up for grabs.

“What I’m talking about doing is a charter amendment change, which permanently codifies into the city charter the fact that men cannot use the women’s bathroom,” said Wilson.

He plans to take these petitions to city hall next week. Then, officials would have to verify the signatures, before it goes on the ballot this November.

Look, Dave Wilson is a grifter and attention hound. This is his schtick, and he’s been doing it for a long time. We heard about this project back in January, because getting attention for every little thing he does is Wilson’s core competency. I seriously doubt he’s expended the time and effort and money to get enough signatures for this petition, and I bet any effort he did put into this is as half-assed and sloppy as the HERO repeal petition effort has been shown to be. (*)

And you know what? It doesn’t matter to him, because he wins no matter what. If by some miracle he did collect enough signatures to force a vote, he gets months of free publicity, which is crack for his ego. And if he fails as expected, he gets to whine and cry and play the victim at the hands of that mean old Parker administration and its inexplicable vendetta against him. Heads he wins, tails we lose. That’s how Dave Wilson likes it. Campos has more.

(*) – Here’s the city’s response to the latest claims by the plaintiffs about which signatures should be counted. See what I mean?

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