Collin County grand jury interested in Paxton case

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Ken Paxton

A Collin County grand jury has asked the Travis County District Attorney’s office for its investigative file on Ken Paxton, indicating the panel wants to look into the attorney general’s admitted violations of state securities law.

“Collin County appears to be the venue where this evidence needs to be heard,” says the letter from the grand jury vice foreman. “Therefore, we are requesting the documents be sent to us as soon as possible.

“After reviewing the investigative evidence, we may invite you or your appointed representative to appear before us to answer questions,” the letter continues. “We respectfully ask that our request remain confidential.”

The vice foreman, who asked that not to be identified, confirmed the letter had been sent to the Travis County District Attorney’s office, but declined to comment further, citing the need for grand jury secrecy.

The letter, obtained by the Houston Chronicle on Wednesday, came less than two weeks after the Collin County District Attorney’s office indicated it had not and would not investigate the case unless it receives a criminal complaint from a law enforcement agency.


Ty Clevenger, a Collin County lawyer and blogger who has been critical of [Collin County DA Greg] Willis, saying he should appoint a special prosecutor to the look at the Paxton case, first posted the letter late Wednesday.

“Willis’ actions have been inexcusable. That’s why I filed the bar grievance against him,” said Clevenger, adding he believes Paxton’s admission under oath that he broke state law is enough for an indictment and conviction. “I’m a Republican. As Republicans, if we don’t get our act together, this is really going to come back to bite us.”

See here and here for the background. As of late yesterday, DA Willis finally took action.

Collin County District Attorney Greg Willis has asked the Texas Rangers to look into Attorney General Ken Paxton’s violation of state securities law, Willis’ office said Thursday.


The Collin County district attorney’s office confirmed Thursday it had received a complaint from a “political group.” The allegations in the complaint, Willis’ office said, were similar to those recently passed along by Travis County prosecutors.

“Our office took steps to have appropriate investigative agencies, including the Texas Rangers, follow up on those allegations,” Willis’ office said in the statement. “To facilitate this process, we have today requested Travis County‚Äôs files for law enforcement.”

That’s good, though it remains to be seen if Willis will accede to the request/demand that he recuse himself and appoint a special prosecutor if the Rangers turn up enough evidence for this to be pursued further. Still, we’re now getting somewhere, and that’s something. RG Ratcliffe and Christopher Hooks, each savoring the irony of this happening at the same time as the Huffman Public Integrity Unit bill was being passed in the Senate, have more.

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