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David Rushing update

No correction or letters-to-the-editor printed in the Chron as of today regarding David Rushing. I’ll be keeping an eye on it.

On a slightly egotistical note, this site is higher result in a Google search for “David Rushing” than any of his Houston Review articles. That oughta frost him.

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  1. Greg Wythe says:

    A) I’m jealous that you managed to snag such a high Google ranking.

    B) In looking over said Google search, I noticed that the article also made its way onto Lucy Goldberg’s site, complete with comments that (depending on your sense of humor) are either very funny or very sad.

  2. 1) Google loves me. What can I say? 😉

    2) I followed the link on your page to the Lucianne comments. That’s 30 seconds of my life (and 20 or so IQ points) that I’ll never get back. Yeesh…