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Blogrolling and cocooning

Added some new blogs, removed a couple of others. Some new blogs were added because I saw them in my referral log and liked what they had to say, others came via the recommendation of other bloggers. See? The system works.

On the subject of cocooning, by my count 24 of my links are to libertarian and right-leaning blogs. Let’s hear no more talk about that, OK? To be fair, my experience with non-lefty bloggers is quite different from Alex’s in that 17 of those bloggers also link to me; in many cases, they linked to me first.

Anway, please welcome the following and give ’em a click:

Blue Streak
DC Thornton
Free Pie
Mad Kane
Plum Crazy
Sisyphus Shrugged

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  1. Jack Cluth says:

    I am a prolific linker- my blogroll just inched past 400 over the past few days. I link for any numbers of reasons- I like the design, I like what someone has to say, I’ve even linked to sites specifically because I don’t agree with ANYTHING they have to say. I love free speech, as long as it’s well-done.

    You can’t be an asshole and be on my blogroll. You can disagree with me on everything and still be on it, though. I LIKE a good argument….

  2. Lesley says:

    Thanks, Charles. I think you write well, and I link to blogs that construct good arguments, amuse me greatly, or both.

  3. archpundit says:

    Thanks Charles. I enjoy your blog as well and have you on my blogroll as well.

  4. archpundit says:

    Thanks Charles. I enjoy your blog and have you on my blogroll as well.

  5. Devra says:

    Thanks bunches, Charles!

    So many blogs … so little time. 🙂