Saturday video break: Hand In Hand

A couple of underrated songs by iconic 80s acts. First up, Dire Straits:

Man, Making Movies is an awesome album. Not a bad song on it, and it starts out with three classics, then keeps it going with this tune. For those of us to remember the concept of a “desert island album”, this would be one for me.

And with his different song by the same name, here’s Phil Collins:

That’s an extended version of the song from his first solo album, Face Value; you can hear the studio version here. I’m not ashamed to say I wore a groove in that and Hello, I Must Be Going! back in the day. Collins was very comfortable using instrumentals (okay, quasi-instrumentals) as transition songs on his solo records; this was the last song on Side One, and it just worked. I always loved his use of horns – what can I say, as a sax player, I was biased. I figure that comfort with wordless music helped his transition to his later arc as a big band artist. We caught his big band show a few years back – it wasn’t what I expected, but it was well worth seeing.

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