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Weekend link dump for July 19

“Their latest results reveal that descendants of people who survived the Holocaust have different stress hormone profiles than their peers, perhaps predisposing them to anxiety disorders.”

Interns are not volunteers and should not be treated as such.

How to make color, in three easy steps.

Tough times for computer sales.

Are you a harbinger of failure? It’s not a bad gig to have if you are.

“The most important action Americans can take to stop the terrorism that puts us most in danger is to toughen gun laws and background checks.”

Why colleges should admit more ex-felons.

Anyone know where Dorothy’s ruby slippers are? There’s a reward for finding them.

“The Bush administration decided it wasn’t going to go along with the Clinton administration’s naive, give-away-everything negotiations with North Korea. The Bush team, particularly the first term team, decided they were going to hang tough and not be patsies for the North Koreans. And now North Korea is a nuclear state with a number of nuclear weapons. Maybe that would have happened had the Democrats won in 2000 too. But it did happen under the hang tough crowd.”

What $12 billion in public funds for 51 new sports facilities around the country could have paid for instead.

RIP, Margaret Block, freedom fighter.

“Truth really is stranger than fiction: Syfy brought us Sharknado and then the universe counters with Sharkcano, otherwise known as Kavachi. This very, very active volcano off the Solomon Islands is 60 feet underwater, and sharks and rays have apparently been hanging out in its caldera between eruptions.”

What to expect when you’re expecting a planetary flyby.

“Here’s the good news: NASA will have to pay for your car. Under the Convention on the International Liability for Damage Caused by Space Object, NASA and the US government would clearly be on the hook for the damage. And, since you wouldn’t be considered at fault in the accident, in most states insurance companies would be legally prohibited from raising your premiums.”

I wonder what the percentage of men who say that having a vasectomy was the right decision for them would be.

“But without question, state ownership of Stone Mountain Park makes it a bit difficult to pretend the carving doesn’t have public sanction, and the side of a mountain is a bit large to be described as a museum.”

Having said that, I heartily approve of this as a remedy.

“It is believed to be the first time the Welsh government has chosen to communicate in Klingon.”

Say, when did Adam and Eve get married, anyway?

Everything I wrote this week about this latest Scary Story echoes and/or repeats everything I’ve been writing for years about all the earlier versions of these Scary Stories, whether the particular prompt is the Satanic baby-killers of Mike Warnke’s lucrative imagination or the Satanic baby-killers of Randall Terry’s unfunny version of the same act.” (Yes, that’s two in a row from The Slactivist. Sue me.)

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