Weekend link dump for July 26

If you can’t read this you are, like me, old.

How long will premium providers like HBO allow password sharing for their streaming services?

The dark side of barbecue.

Excited about the return of Bloom County? Here’s an interview with Berke Breathed from last year that’s worth reading.

“Current strategies to tackle obesity, which mainly focus on cutting calories and boosting physical activity, are failing to help the majority of obese patients to shed weight and maintain that weight loss.”

“Oregonians will be able to buy birth control at a pharmacy without a doctor’s prescription beginning next year, potentially making the state the first in the nation to allow the practice.”

So if you have an account on AshleyMadison.com, you might want to consider changing your password. And hoping your spouse is the forgiving type.

“What we’re trying to stop is the phenomenon of people buying buildings and evicting tenants so they can rent to tourists for three to four times as much.”

Hidecki Matsui is a mensch.

“If Republican leaders want to argue that attacks on Americans’ military service are simply beyond the pale, perhaps party officials can take this opportunity to apologize to John Kerry, who was smeared by Swiftboat lies in the 2004 cycle – lies that were celebrated at the time by 2016 candidates like Jeb Bush and Rick Perry – and who saw the spectacle at the Republican National Convention of party activists mocking Purple Hearts. While they’re it, Republicans can express some regret for related smears directed at former Sen. Max Cleland (D-Ga.).”

What BlueGirl says.

Butt dialing brings no expectation of privacy with it.

RIP, Theodore Bikel, award-winning actor, musician, and author, best known for playing Tevye onstage.

RIP, Tom Moore, longtime “Archie” comics artist.

Please don’t take selfies with the wildlife.

Shatner v. Cruz. Shatner wins.

Manhattan Clam Chowder Con Gulf Oysters. Served with pea-infused guacamole.

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