“The Crooked E” wrapup

Former Enron employees pretty much hated The Crooked E, that cheeserrific made-for-CBS movie from a couple of weeks ago.

Of nearly 200 SEEC [Severed Enron Employees Coalition] members who responded to an e-mail survey, 58 percent found the CBS movie, which aired Jan. 5, offensive and insulting. Another 36 percent said it was trash and that former employees should just forget it. Only 6 percent said they liked the movie. And 14 members said they didn’t tune in.

Of course, that means that over 90% of them did in fact watch. The Nielsens don’t care if you’re lobbing spitballs at the screen.

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2 Responses to “The Crooked E” wrapup

  1. Hmm. I suppose so. Unless they might find it ‘offensive and insulting’ or ‘trash’ without actually watching it.

    Not defending it, but not sure the conclusion that 90% of those 200 SEEC members watched it is warranted without checking up on the data…

  2. Yes, I admit I’m drawing an inference based on “14 members didn’t tune in”. Give me five minutes alone in a room with these people and I’ll get to the unvarnished truth, I promise.

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