Your daily Chief Bradford Perjury Update

The trial of Houston Police Chief C.O. “BAMF” Bradford has begun, and the fur is flying. Bradford’s lawyers say the whole thing is a political vendetta. The prosecutor says it isn’t. I can barely keep track of who’s saying what, which suggests to me that the jury may get a tad confused.

It does look like Bradford is getting full value out of his high-priced mouthpieces:

Tina Snelling, the hearing examiner who presided over Aguirre’s grievance hearing, testified Wednesday that she thought the chief had lied and felt his punishment was too harsh for Aguirre. Her ruling was later reversed by a civil service commission.

“I was embarrassed for the chief that day,” Snelling said.

Snelling told prosecutor Lester Blizzard that the chief should have remembered using such language in a meeting.

“If I got in your face and called you a mother ——, would you remember it?” Blizzard asked.

Snelling responded, “I remember calling my boss an ass—- in 1984.”

But Snelling often seemed confused about her own testimony Wednesday under cross-examination by Rusty Hardin. At one point, Hardin had Snelling admit her conflicting statements might be considered perjury.

That can’t be good for the prosecution. The state will be calling Assistant Chief J.L. Breshears today before it rests its case. It was Breshears being called the bad word by Bradford that led to where we are today. If there’s a chance of conviction, we’ll know it after he testifies.

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