Tell me more about that work/life balance thing

Nothing like putting in a 15-hour day at the job on a Saturday, especially after having been there till 1:30 AM on Friday. Yes, I was affected by the latest Internet worm. No, it wasn’t my job to fix it (thank $deity). I was here (and am here again on Sunday, hoping to make it to my inlaws in time for the Super Bowl) as part of a project. The worm caused some delays, but we overcame.

I’m not too cheesed about losing the weekend, though. The weather sucked, and I’ll get it back in comp time. The main annoying thing was that Tiffany was out of town from Wednesday through Friday, so I didn’t really get to see her until I returned home last night at nearly 11. Life is scheduled to return to normal (whatever that is) this week.

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