Weekend link dump for September 27

“Japan now has enough women over 100 years old to fill Yankee Stadium”.

Freedom of speech, bitches.

“In the early days of space flight, menstruation was part of the argument for why women shouldn’t become astronauts.”

Giant Arctic mosquitoes: Yet another reason to be concerned about climate change.

“If she’s strong enough to handle this, I can handle this.”

“The story reads like the most paranoid anti-corporate fantasy, until you get to the line where the firm admits what it did”.

Remember when Target got hacked a couple of years ago? Here’s a report on what their IT security looked like then and now.

“As Fiorina admits, I have been critical of her for over a decade—long before she announced her political aspirations. I have studied her business record, challenged her leadership abilities and have come to agree with the assessment that she was one of the worst technology CEOs in history. I stand by that evaluation.”

I guess it’s a good thing that George Will isn’t a Catholic, because he is a lying liar who lies a lot, and we Catholics consider lying to be a sin.

From the “Funny, he doesn’t look Jewish” files.

How to tell if that viral story is a hoax, if you are so inclined.

“Millions of Swifties and KatyCats—as well as Beliebers, Barbz, and Selenators, and the Rihanna Navy—would be stunned by the revelation that a handful of people, a crazily high percentage of them middle-aged Scandinavian men, write most of America’s pop hits. It is an open yet closely guarded secret, protected jealously by the labels and the performers themselves, whose identities are as carefully constructed as their songs and dances. The illusion of creative control is maintained by the fig leaf of a songwriting credit. The performer’s name will often appear in the list of songwriters, even if his or her contribution is negligible.”

“Welcome to the 21st century pharmaceutical biz, working hard to find new and innovative ways of gouging the most vulnerable members of society. And for once, we can truly say that this could happen only in America, since no other country would allow this.” See here and here for more on that.

The rent-seeking is too damn high.

“But it will be worth talking about particularly considering that if the Republican wins, it is highly likely that Roe v. Wade will be history. Three of the five Supreme Court justices who have voted to uphold the decision will be in their ’80s by the time the next president’s first term ends; Ruth Bader Ginsburg will be two months shy of her 88th birthday.”

How – and why – to fool Penn & Teller.

“With upwards of 800 million parking spaces in the United States, or more than 2 million acres, we’ve paved the equivalent of Rhode Island and Delaware in parking alone.”

Here’s an Insane Clown Posse reputational injury lawsuit appeal update for you.

You can’t find what you’re not looking for, and if you’re not looking for gifted and talented students among poor and minority children, guess what? You won’t find them, even though they’re there.

RIP, Yogi Berra, Hall of Fame catcher and human being. He was a whole lot more than you think he was.

Happy birthday to you, happy birthday to you, happy birthday dear you, happy birthday to you. And screw you, Warner/Chappell.

RIP, Yongki, endangered Sumatran elephant, killed for his tusks. The pictures are hard to look at, so click carefully.

“VW sold 500,000 altered cars in the US and 11 million cars worldwide, so this extrapolates to about 170 deaths in the United States and about 3,700 deaths worldwide.”

My dad and I attended the Mass that Pope John Paul II celebrated at Yankee Stadium back in 1979. We bought a commemorative Pope pennant while there, because of course someone was selling Pope pennants. Clearly, commemorative Pope souvenirs have come a long way since then.

Kim Davis is now a Republican, which is how it should be.

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  1. Jason Hochman says:

    I wish that there was a link to the videos and commentary on Ahmed’s clock. Although the story is so last week, he’s still collecting a lot of money and scholarships, while, in reality, all that he did was to take an old alarm clock out of its housing and place it into a pencil case. His intent may have been to provoke a response, as the alarm went off during one of his classes.

    Everyone has been quick to jump on Richard Dawkins for agreeing with this. Indeed, Dawkins is a smug atheist curmudgeon, but the facts are the facts. What is so very humorous is that this youth was able to fool the supposedly intelligent people of our nation, including our president, Mark Zuckerberg, MIT, NASA and a lot of others. Kind of makes you wonder how thorough their science is.

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