Saturday video break: Home

I have five songs called “Home” in my library. I could find videos for four of them. First up is Ingrid Michaelson, from her latest album:

We got to see her on that tour at the House of Blues in Houston thanks to the handsome gentleman with the handlebar mustache playing bass behind her, who happens to be my second cousin Chris Kuffner. His dad Hap was one of the founders of Mandolin Brothers, one of the largest dealers in the world of vintage, new and used American fretted instruments. You could say music runs in that branch of the family.

Next up, Karla Bonoff:

I have this song on one of the KBCO in-studio collections. Beyond that, I know nothing of Ms. Bonoff. Up next, Los Lonely Boys:

I really like their sound and need to hunt out more of their stuff. Finally, here’s Sheryl Crow:

Another KBCO song for me. I guess songs called “Home” are particularly well-suited for the acoustic treatment. The fifth “Home” song I have is by the Asylum Street Spankers. Have you any tunes by this name that aren’t on my list?

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  1. Linkmeister says:

    Karla Bonoff wrote two songs which appear on Linda Ronstadt’s “Hasten Down the Wind” album, including one of my favorites of all of Linda’s work: Someone to Lay Down Beside Me.

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