Day 6 EV 2015 totals: Rain, rain, go away

Here are your rain-soaked Day Six totals:

Year    Early    Mail   Total   Mailed
2015   57,657  21,141  78,798   42,938
2013   35,376  14,342  49,728   30,544


The running 2015 totals are here, the full 2013 totals are here, and for completeness the full 2009 totals are here. No mail ballots sent or received today or tomorrow, and I believe the deadline to request a mail ballot is Tuesday, so that last column above isn’t going to change much. It’s unclear if today’s rains had any effect on the totals or not. I had expected the first Saturday numbers to be higher under good conditions, so at first blush I’d guess that today was slower than expected since there were two thousand fewer votes than there were yesterday, but a look back at 2009 and 2013 suggests that’s not necessarily the case – 2013’s Saturday was nearly identical to its first Friday, and 2009’s Saturday was up just a bit from its day before. We’ll never know what we might have had if yesterday had been a sunny day.

As far as today goes, Sunday is the short day for early voting – EV hours are from 1 to 6, so voting doesn’t interfere with church-going. An accompanying press release from the County Clerk’s office assures me that “As of this time, all Early Voting polling locations are scheduled to be open on Sunday, October 25th”, so go vote today if you planned to and if the weather allows it. EV hours are 7 AM to 7 PM Monday through Friday this week, so there will be other chances. Stay safe and wait till another day if the weather is bad.

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6 Responses to Day 6 EV 2015 totals: Rain, rain, go away

  1. The Dude says:

    Do we know how many registered voters there are in so we can see turn-out percentage?

  2. I’m sure it’s available somewhere – at the very least, we will see those figures cited for both the county and the city when the results are published on Election Day – but it’s not included in the daily EV totals. Strictly speaking, it’s the Tax Assessor that handles registrations, so that office is the one that has this information.

  3. Greg Wythe says:

    I’m seeing 983k for the city. Planning on looking at turnout through the weekend in a Monday blog post. So far, Districts G and E are well ahead of the pack and the two Hispanic districts are among the worst performers. Conclude what you will for odds on who goes to the runoff with Turner.

  4. Eastender says:

    I’m in District I, which usually has pitiful turn out with the exceptions of a few pocket areas like Eastwood, Idylwood & parts of Glenbrook Valley. I expect a lot of G & E voters will be turning out for Bill King, and against HERO. I also wouldn’t be surprised if the folks most torqued up about HERO, either for or against, aren’t the ones beating a path to the polls the first few days.

  5. Mainstream says:

    Someone who has done the analysis reports that about 5% of both early voting and mail in ballots are from Hispanic-surnamed voters, for what that is worth.

  6. Manuel Barrera says:

    Hard to tell who is Hispanic, i.e., Bettencourt is fairly common last name for some Central American Countries. Peru has a lot of Asians that identify as Latinos.

    In the east end and north side, Spanish surname persons seem to prefer voting on election day. So when the weather is bad on election day, turn out is always depressed.

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