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Weekend link dump for November 15

Nancy Lieberman is awesome.

Doing spec work for free is something most people are never asked to do.

Another reason not to eat at Taco Bell, in case you needed one.

Two words: Pyramid truthers. I need a drink.

RIP, Gunnar Hansen, best known as the villain Leatherface in the original 1974 horror film “The Texas Chain Saw Massacre”.

“The choice to double-down on that untrustworthy untruth, though, changes one’s relationship to that falsehood. It changes you from being its victim to being its champion. It means that you are no longer merely deceived, but that you are choosing to deceive others — that you have decided that leading others astray would be, for whatever reason, preferable to admitting that you’d ever been led astray yourself.”

Like me, you probably have a few preemie kids in your extended family, so these pictures ought to make you smile.

“The administrators created this world where our universities revolve socially, politically and economically around the exploited labor of big time football. Now let them reap what they sow.”

“The performance art that has loogied [Donald Trump] to the top of the Republican polls is insult comedy, and an insult comic as presidential timber is not something the Founders anticipated, judging from the screams resonating from the Hereafter.”

#BenCarsonWikipedia. Man, I didn’t know half this stuff.

“A conservative Christian group has taken a page out of the Human Rights Campaign’s playbook, releasing a ranking of corporations that are most hostile to LGBT and reproductive rights.”

RIP, Daniel Fleetwood, the terminally ill “Star Wars” fan who last week was granted his dying wish to watch “The Force Awakens”.

RIP, Allen Toussaint, legendary songwriter, producer, arranger and piano player from New Orleans.

Having more cyclists in a community is the best way to promote bike safety.

“Do we need more welders and less philosophers? This is less clear. Are things going unwelded that should be welded? Those in the know, please comment.”

“The accumulation of these slights suggests that even the world’s best female economists are given second billing too often.”

RIP, Carol Doda, legendary burlesque dancer.

“It’s not just states under right-wing control where abortion clinics are closing their doors”.

How the Bush family misunderstood who and what Dick Cheney is.

“I can’t grasp how an intelligent, well-read man or woman, regardless of ideological commitments, could watch the Republican debate in Milwaukee on Tuesday night and not come away disgusted. I certainly did. It was a familiar feeling.”

Maybe try harvest gold and avocado green next time.

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