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Weekend link dump for December 20

So, when are pot ads going to start running on TV?

The Happy Birthday copyright case has been fully settled.

A low-tech solution for finding new kinds of antibiotics may be just what we need.

“But many of the more steeply discounted gift cards for sale online are in fact the product of merchandise return fraud, meaning consumers who purchase them unwittingly help thieves rob the stores that issued the cards.”

“When Dylann Roof walked into a black church, he wanted to start a race war. We didn’t let him do that because we didn’t cast him as a representative of the white race. We didn’t give into his narrative. We did the exact opposite. I think that we have to be careful not to give in to the apocalyptic narrative of ISIS that wants to start a war between Muslims and everybody else.”

I know that Ted Cruz is supposed to be really super smart and all, but I also know that really super smart people don’t need to lie all the time to make points and win arguments.

“It is not illegal, though, to pay people to eat bugs.”

“The message here is clear: Any girl would be fortunate — #blessed — to get this kind of attention from a guy like Bieber. That message is wrong, and dangerous. What Bieber is doing is not romantic. What Bieber is doing is harassment that borders on stalking.”

Christmas in the Buffyverse. Man, I miss that show.

RIP, Rose Siggins, actor who played Legless Suzi on American Horror Story.

What is this world coming to when a billionaire can’t buy himself a President any more?

“Meanwhile there have been reports Francis personally intervened to push the December climate change deal through.” Yes, every election has consequences.

RIP, Emmy Orzel, Queen of Niskayuna and one of the best dogs on the Internet.

The story of Peter Norman, the third guy in the iconic “Black Power Salute” photo from the 1968 Olympics, is amazing.

“Longtime followers of this blog have probably been wondering what’s been keeping me. Why have I not written about Fritz Feld, the prolific character actor who was seen constantly in movies from the silent era until around 1989?”

Carol Burnett is set to be inducted into the Texas Film Hall of Fame during March’s Texas Film Awards, the Austin Film Society announced Tuesday.”

“By contrast, here are a list of ten common objects — many of which you could probably find in your own home! — that are more likely to kill you than a terrorist attack.”

“This week has brought a flurry of positive press attention to Wheaton College — with scores of media reports praising first the students who wrote an open letter to Jerry Falwell Jr. and then praising Prof. Hawkins for sticking up for her neighbors. As a result, Wheaton administrators have released three press releases this week defending their reputation against these viciously positive reports and insisting that such glowing praise for the college is inappropriate.”

The “Despecialized Edition” of Star Wars, and why it’s a crime to watch it.

What to get the habitual binge-watcher in your life.

Five words: Ted Cruz erotic fan fiction. By the same person who gave us A Gronking To Remember. I blame EL James for this.

How to completely misunderstand the Pete Rose decision.

Read what David Adkins has to say about the Sanders/DNC/voter database screwup.

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  1. Bill Daniels says:

    The article on the gift card sales was very enlightening (and sad at the same time). Thanks for posting it.