Reynolds loses another request in court

More bad news.

Rep. Ron Reynolds

State Rep. Ron Reynolds has lost his bid to resume practicing law while he appeals his conviction for illegally soliciting clients.

Montgomery County County Court-at-Law Judge Mary Ann Turner on Thursday denied the request by Reynolds, who argued that the bond condition prevents him from being able to financially support his family.

Turner also rejected his request for a new trial, prosecutors said. His case was assigned to the state’s Eighth Court of Appeals in El Paso.


Reynolds, the first African-American elected to the Texas House from Fort Bend County since Reconstruction, has drawn three opponents in a Democratic primary set for March.

See here and here for the background. I assume the story means that the appeal of his case was “assigned to the state’s Eighth Court of Appeals in El Paso”, though I don’t know why that would be so. Can someone explain that to me? Not being able to practice law while his appeal is ongoing is definitely going to be a hardship for Reynolds, but barring anything unexpected it’s not an injustice. He’s in a tough spot, but unless he can prove his bias claim, he didn’t get there by chance.

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5 Responses to Reynolds loses another request in court

  1. I haven’t been following this case.

    It’s mind boggling that these lawyers, executives that are state reps can’t take the time to create a real middle class platform.

    i’ve viewed all democratic state rep websites. With the exception of a few state reps, I’m not impressed. What exactly does the whip do as the house democratic leader? Answer: Nothing

    If they can’t survive on his wifes salary as CEO of gccsa which is roughly $125k annually. Then I’m speechless.
    I pulled the salary from the recent 990

  2. David says:

    No mystery to it being sent to El Paso for the appeal. The courts try to keep a reasonable number of cases to ensure against a backlog. If the Metro areas(usually Houston or D/FW) are overloaded they may send it to a COA with a smaller case load.

  3. Joshua ben bullard says:

    The district judge has improperly denied Ron Reynolds his right to work,in part.while the appeals court will affirm some of the judges ruling in preventing Reynolds from attorney performance,the district court should be reminded that the jury found Reynolds -not quilty of felony barratry, and quilty of rarely prosecuted misdemeanor barratry and sentenced the defendant to jail time,not to exceed one (1)year confinement. Although the district court could have seen fit to (limit the areas of practice for Reynolds)the district court instead decided to bar Reynolds from all areas of practice,which the appeals court will find -excessive. I would think the appeals court will reverse and render on this issue solely and allow Reynolds to return to limit areas of the practice of law.

  4. The democratic whip, Reynolds, has no platform or ideas on his website.

    $30,000 in fines by the texas ethics commission.

    Is it time for a new texas house whip?

  5. Kenneth Fair says:

    Yeah, this was a docket equalization transfer from the Beaumont Court of Appeals (where Montgomery County cases usually go) to the El Paso Court of Appeals. The Supreme Court ordered a block of case, including this one, transferred. Such transfers happen pretty frequently.

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