Early voting: San Antonio and Dallas

I haven’t paid any attention to the municipal races in San Antonio and Dallas – what can I say, there’s only so much bandwidth available. Unlike 2005, which featured a hot three-way race in the Alamo City, this one is much lower key as popular Mayor Phil Hardberger will cruise to re-election. The Walker Report, which is the best source of info about who’s supporting whom in these races (I swear, the dude goes to every campaign event in the city), has the Express-News endorsements (full story is here). I see they tabbed Mary Alice Cisneros for Council District 1. Will Henry get the itch to run for something again, or is he happy to let his wife have the spotlight now?

Meanwhile, the Morning News endorses Tom Leppert for Mayor, and makes its other recommendations here. These I know nothing about, but StoutDem has some recommendations. I should note that John McClelland, running for Dallas City Council District 12, is a fellow blogger at the Burnt Orange Report.

Have you voted for Melissa Noriega yet? Yes, I’m going to find a way to mention this every day during early voting.

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