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Saturday video break: I Wonder

Two very different songs, from very different artists today. First is a cover of a song from Sleeping Beauty, by Yma Sumac:

That of course is from the amazingly eclectic Stay Awake Disney music tribute album. Yma Sumac was known as the Peruvian Songbird, and you just heard for yourself what an amazing voice she had. One of her songs was featured in The Big Lebowski, if you’re thinking you’ve heard her before.

And now for something a bit more conventional, here’s blues legend Robert Cray:

That’s from his 1986 album Strong Persuader, which at least in San Antonio at the time got a lot of AOR-station airplay. I still hear Robert Cray songs on the radio occasionally, and he did a nice little Tiny Desk Concert in 2012. But like I said, for two songs with the same name, they couldn’t be more different.

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