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Weekend link dump for February 28

Depending on your outlook, tomorrow is either a bonus day in February, or an “oh my God this month isn’t over YET?” day.

Further evidence to bolster the more lead = more crime hypothesis.

Prince’s passport photo is better than yours.

“Instead, the reality may be another kind of simple numbers game: More time in a sexist world, and particularly in the workplace, radicalizes women.”

Cindy Crawford turned 50 the day after I did. You’re welcome.

Remembering Shirley Chisholm, and the path she blazed for Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton.

RIP, Samuel Willenberg, last survivor of the Treblinka death camp revolt.

Alex Hirsch, creator of Gravity Falls, explains his decision to end the show.

“An analogy to understand the FBI’s request of Apple”.

“Either of these things would be worrisome on its own. Put them together and it’s a bit like wandering into one of those old Universal monster movies, realizing you’ve run into both Dracula and Frankenstein. Sure, they’re both a bit cartoonish and old-timey, but they’re still monsters intent on doing you harm.”

“An international team including scientists at the University of St Andrews has unlocked the secret of one of the great events of Earth’s evolution – the Cambrian explosion.”

I’m just gonna leave this here.

First they came for the Canadians, and I said nothing in the form of a question because I was not Canadian.

“Welcome to music copyright infringement, a legal arena with lots of gray area and an abundance of high-profile lawsuits.”

Virginia McLaurin is my new hero.

If SCOTUS doesn’t take up HB2 till President Clinton’s new Justice has been confirmed in 2017, that’s fine by me.

Donald Trump – Mediocre at best at business.

RIP, Rabbi Joseph Radinsky, longtime Houston religious leader who worked to build a vibrant Orthodox Jewish community.

“There are a lot of people whose income depends on their ability and willingness to shill for the Republican Party. We’ll see how much pride and self-respect they have.”

“A group of civil rights organizations [filed] a historic consumer fraud complaint with the federal government on Wednesday, charging that a group purporting to change people’s sexual orientation or gender identity is engaging in deceptive business practices.”

“As the Democratic primary heads into South Carolina and the The Black Vote becomes important issue, I’ve noticed the phenomenon of people sharing headlines about liberal black supporters as if they are magical amulets that can persuade others and repel criticism.”

The potential downside to trying to engineer mosquitoes out of existence. I suppose it is the kind of thing a supervillain would come up with.

“Do we really want to keep, do we really need to keep this place open for 50 remaining detainees who we could easily move to a secure facility in the United States?”

“Still, I am no longer confused about why many evangelicals are supporting Trump and not Cruz. The Bible is full of stories where God uses nonbelievers to accomplish his ends, and I can see how, for them, Trump’s boldness might contrast positively with a figure like Cruz. But let me tell you what I can’t understand—how they can support a man like Trump and go on claiming that they are basing their beliefs on the Bible and the Bible alone while liberal or mainline Christians are picking and choosing. It’s almost like they’ve never read what the Bible has to say about immigrants.”

“Anyway, that’s the latest. As always, Donald Trump is the champion of the little guy. As long as the little guy is from Romania.”

Harry Reid’s trolling game remains strong.

“The principle of relativity is a simple, and elegant organizing rule for the universe, and if you take it as an axiom, it leads inevitably to all of the cool concepts and beautiful math of relativity. And it seems to work very well for describing the universe in which we live. But there’s no obvious reason why the universe has to be that way.”

RIP, Yolande Betbeze Fox, possibly the most interesting Miss America ever.

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