Thank you for calling tech support

Mac Diva has a question I can answer:

I am pretty satisfied with this blog’s standing in the ecosystem. In its second month, it climbed into the 100s at The Truth Laid Bear and ranked 160 today.

I don’t understand why some blogs, including mine, often double list. I’ve been meaning to ask Bear.

The answer is that there are multiple URLs that work for a given blog. I had expected there would be one listing for “” and another for “”, but Bear appears to have accounted for that. Instead, it’s the difference between having a slash at the end of your blog URL and not having a slash. I’d guess that’s a bug, but without knowing Bear’s code I couldn’t say for sure.

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3 Responses to Thank you for calling tech support

  1. Mac Diva says:

    Thanks, Charles. I have scratching my head in regard to that. Now, next question. Why are the numbers of details different?

  2. Jeff Cooper says:

    I’m double-listed, but that’s because there are separate listings for my old Blogspot site and my current address. I’m surprised the Bear hasn’t accounted for the slash thing.

  3. kevin says:

    Mac Diva

    If you mean from day to day, its because Bear doesn’t just measure blogroll links: any link that is on the main page will get counted. So if you link to a specific entry for someone, it gets counted as a seperate listing.

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