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Weekend link dump for March 20

Oh, just another massive Web vulnerability you need to worry about.

Fifty things about Game of Thrones season 1, if you’re into that sort of thing.

“That’s the paradox of I Am Cait. Jenner might not be a perfect spokesperson or advocate for trans rights herself, but she is still responsible for increasing trans visibility and making sure that other better spokespeople can be heard as well.”

“Within six years, the cost of owning an electric car will be cheaper than purchasing and running a petrol or diesel model.”

A rough estimate of the total cost of DeflateGate. Which, as it turns out, is right in line with Watergate.

Attack ads against potential Supreme Court nominees. This is where we are now.

“This new report, from Seth Carnahan, an assistant professor at the University of Michigan Ann Arbor, and Brad Greenwood, an assistant professor at Temple University, finds that women face particular disadvantage in offices where their bosses make more political contributions to Republicans than Democrats.”

In case you needed another reason to love Mister Rogers, here you have one.

“In case you’re curious, this is how Trump treats the little people. Some of the investors in his casinos were big guns who should have known better. But plenty of them were moms and pops who believed Trump when he insisted he was the greatest businessman the world had ever known. Trump didn’t care: he figured he could fleece them, and he did. That’s what happens to people who trust Donald Trump.”

“Y’all” is good English, y’all.

What Trumpism is all about.

And Ted Cruz is the Senate colleague that the Republicans deserve.

“Boldly going where no lawsuit has gone before, two movie studios are contending that a crowdfunded Star Trek fan film has violated copyright law by—among many other things—using the Klingon language.”

Growing dinosaur parts on chickens. What could possibly go wrong?

I’ll say it again: For a guy who’s supposed to be super freaking smart, Ted Cruz sure says – and apparently believes – a lot of stupid things.

“Donald Trump’s candidacy has sparked a civil war inside American Christianity.”

How to die in an environmentally friendly fashion.

“It’s pathetic. I feel genuinely bad for him. He’s an inspiring man who did great things despite imperfections, and then jumped into an endeavor where there was nothing positive that he could do, and he just keeps sinking deeper into the mud.”

RIP, Frank Sinatra, Jr, son of the legendary singer.

Seems like a no-brainer to me for all MLB teams to ban chewing tobacco in their dugouts.

The scariest thing about Donald Trump is how he distracts us from just how scary Ted Cruz is.

And yes, Donald Trump, thanks to you China is laughing at us.

What Tanya Bondurant says.

“I need help working through this. I’m starting to suspect that the 2016 election might disprove the possibility of the future invention of time travel.”

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