Darlie Routier loses appeal

The state Court of Criminal Appeals has unanimously rejected Darlie Routier’s appeal for a new trial. Routier’s attorneys had argued that the trial transcript, which was known to contain many errors, prevented them from raising legal issues, but the court rejected that argument. She still has a federal appeal pending on her death sentence. I wrote about this case last year, and I still feel the same way about it today.

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15 Responses to Darlie Routier loses appeal

  1. sean smithn says:

    could you please tell me when
    the federal appeals will take place,
    i am a friend of darlie routier.

    sean smith.

  2. Bryan says:

    theres no way that we can let this innocent woman die……..texas sucks..and if they kill her that wont be the end of all of it…in the name of Darlie…revenge can be sweet

  3. Glen Ricker says:

    It seems that too much evidence points in her direction. That bitch deserves to fry! Kill her!

  4. donna says:

    Everyone makes mistakes.This includes police officers, jurors, judges and reporters. If everyone is so sure Darlie is guilty, then why are they soooo afraid to grant a new trial? What are you hiding Texas?!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Msbeth89 says:

    To many lies, to much evidence, bruises and cuts that could be self inflicted and two dead kids, so many questions unanswered if you believe Darlie which I do not, to bad her suffering cant be as bad as the two boys’ were.

  6. Slayer says:

    All evidence points to Darlie as the murderer. There was no intruder. She did it and she will pay for it. If she gets a new trial on Damon’s murder and somehow manages to win, she’ll be rearrested on the court house steps for Devon’s murder.

  7. Planet says:

    Darlie is innocent…I have studied the case-read all the documents-talked to the family-gotten letters from Darlie….she did not do this. I will try to help her as much as I can. The Texas judicial system should be ashamed. As for the “Silly String” video….no one has the right to judge how a mother grieves for her children…no one.

  8. moondance4ever says:

    There is to much pointing at her. Even a cops says that she was not concrened about the boys when they got there. Why would the intruder go after the boys frist and not her she is stronger then those boys. The intuder would have gone after her. She would have heard the boys.

  9. mom says:

    She said she was sleeping downstairs because the baby moving woke her but; she slept through her sons being murdered, her panties being removed and her own throat being cut???????? WAKE UP DARLIE!!

  10. jody says:

    NOone will convince me Darlie killed her kids. If she had why tell the 911 operator she picked up the knife? WHY not wipe finger prints off and say nothing?

  11. jody says:

    could anyone tell me why the judge let that silly string tape be seen without showing the entire events that went on that day. thats like some one showing a woman making love all you see is the back of someone… is she caught??? in fact it was her own husband.

  12. alice says:

    Please explain to me why a woman who murdered her own children deserves so much of our support and attention!?!?!?!? If she had not gotton the death penalty – just life in prison – would you all be so interested? Don’t make this psycho out to be a saint just to further your cause against the death penalty!!!!

  13. Paula says:

    I first thought the evidence against her wasn’t enough to actually convict but then I reread Barbara Davis’ book “Precious Angels”. I can’t forget the 911 call where all Darlie comments are “Who could have done this?”. I would have been over my children trying to save their lives, letting them know I was there and that I loved them. I also am weirded out by the strange comments that came out of her and Darin’s mouths during the whole event. Has anyone questioned this? I know it isn’t mentioned on her Fordarlie website. It disturbs me.

  14. jody says:

    Paula, If you had grownup in a small southern town. Where they seem to be more churches than stores. They were raises that wearing makeup was evil, short woren by women mean they are sluts. I could go on and on as I was raised like that. Don Davis pointed out in his book had the trial have been in a big town with a mixture of on the jury she would have at least hAD A FAIR TRIAL. I SAW mrs.Kee and Darin on the LEEZA SHOW and they were so convensing, then I read Barbarb Davis book and saw that she changed her mind after seeing all the evidence. Had Darlie had a history of mental problems I might be swayed, but with all the pictures she had of her kids she had to love and be proud of them. I think someone is trying to get darlie and darin turned against each other. I think that STINKS.

  15. lovingmom says:

    This woman is guilty. It is that simple and to not see it is just willful ignorance. You choose to weave your own ideas of how she could be innocent —– *Oh, why would she tell about the knife… She must be innocent* What the hell sort of cracker-jack psychologist are you? Was that supposed to be a riveting observation? Those among you that would choose to see this murderer of children spared so that you can cling to your misplaced activism — Go to a shelter for abused children and do something constructive if you feel you need to use your time to fight a cause. This woman is not worthy of it. You should be ashamed of yourselves. Not one if you PRO Darlie people have mentioned what has happened to her children — at her own hands no less. The evidence proves her guilt and you let your emotions try to exhonerate her. Have a little well placed emotion and go look at the faces of those two boys! They would be teenagers now, living. LIVING if it were not for her. I hope when they finally do kill her, it hurts like hell.

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