DOT investigating DeLay

I’ve been out of town for most of this weekend, so I’ll just point you to Josh Marshall, who’s been on the Tom DeLay story like Rush Limbaugh on an all-you-can-eat buffet. Marshall notes that now the Department of Transoprtation is now investigating what DeLay knew and when he knew it during the Killer D’s standoff. The crux of the issue is that DeLay apparently used his office to get FAA data that’s not available to the public and gave it to Tom Craddick and the DPS.

Will this lead to anything that actually sticks to DeLay? Who knows? I think Marshall is exactly right when he says that DeLay benefits from his reputation as being a power-hungry jerk, because journalists don’t really consider that to be news. Obviously, the soft bigotry of low expectations is not a universally negative thing.

Someone who could really use some low expectations right about now is Speaker Craddick:

Craddick spokesman Bob Richter said Friday that Craddick and DeLay spoke about the matter May 12, but that Craddick does not remember who initiated the call.

“He doesn’t remember any details at all about that day,” Richter said. Acting on a vote of House members present May 12, Craddick ordered the missing representatives arrested and returned to the Capitol, as allowed under House rules.

Apparently, the ghost of Elizabeth Ray works in Craddick’s office. What a joke.

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