Lege does poorly in poll

A poll taken before the Killer D’s walkout occurred says that 53% of Texans disapprove of the job the Legislature is doing. Governor Goodhair is at 50% approval, pretty much where he was in January but with slightly higher negatives (44% compared to 40%). A few items of interest:

While the opposition of Perry and other Republican leaders to higher state taxes will result in spending cuts, 64 percent of Texans believe state government is already doing a “poor” or “only fair” job of providing services to the needy, according to the poll.

And 59 percent believe Texas is doing a “poor” or “only fair” job of providing a quality education in the public schools.

Moreover, despite the state leadership’s opposition to higher taxes, 56 percent of people responding to the Texas Poll said they backed a combination of tax increases and spending cuts to balance the new budget.

Anyone want to alert the state Democratic Party that there just might possibly be a campaign issue or two here?

Too bad this all happened before the Killer D walkout. The only poll regarding that event that I’ve heard of so far is one that was conducted by Rick Perry’s pollster, so I’m not inclined to put any stock in it. Frankly, I think if there will be any fallout from this it’ll be from one party’s base being more energized than the other as a result of this. I could be wrong, but I don’t think too many non-junkies cared one way or the other.

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  1. Jack Cluth says:

    I can feel the blank stares now…”Walkout? What walkout?” I wonder how many folks could even tell you who is Governor? Now THERE is a scary though.

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